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BKFC Knuckle Mania Preview

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The next chapter of combat sports kicks off with BKFC Knuckle Mania on February 5th. The main attraction of the event will be “12 Gauge” Paige Vanzant’s debut versus Britain Hart. Paige is making the transition from mix martial arts to try the new combat sport of bare knuckle fighting. Another MMA legend on the card is Chris “The Crippler” Leben as he will square off with Quentin Henry. Also, the welterweight title will be on the line with Champ Johnny Bedford versus Dat Nguyen. Let’s take a more detailed look at the card and the costs since this will be a pay-per-view.

Paige Vanzant Headlines BKFC Knuckle Mania

Starting with the much anticipated main event with Paige Vanzant débuting in bare knuckle. Lots of MMA fans believe anyone with striking will have easy transitions to bare knuckle. Paige’s issues in her MMA career were definitely the grappling problem of 4 submissions losses. She still surprised many with the move to bare knuckle fighting. The opponent Britain Hart has some experience in the young sport. Hart is 1-2 with a split decision loss to Bec Rawlings and was TKO’d by Christine Ferea. Her last fight was a 4th round TKO over Randine Eckholm at BKFC 14. Vanzant was actually the commentator of that match. Paige was able to analyze Hart’s first bare knuckle win and maybe took notes. BKFC Knuckle Mania

Vanzant’s rise to success was from more than her MMA skills but also her looks. She was a winner of the show Dancing with the Stars on season 22. Also when looking at her MMA record, (8-5), she only has two knockouts. There have to be lots of fans worried about this fight. Bare Knuckle Fighting has invested a lot in Knuckle Mania with the debut fight as the main event. This could be a bad investment if Paige loses in a bad fashion. We also need to look at that round time as a factor. There will only be five 2 minute rounds. Having fought in UFC’s with three 5 minutes rounds. This should not hurt Paige in this match.

BKFC Knuckle Mania Co-Main Event

The co-main event will be for the welterweight title Johnny Bedford versus Dat Nguyen. Bedford has a perfect 5-0 record in the organization with 3 knockouts. The challenger Nguyen is 2-0 with 1 KO. If you become a member of all of their past cards are available. Also, the website will have the profiles of all the fighters on the Bare Knuckles roster.

The biggest name for MMA is Chris Leben. His fight against Quentin Henry will be promisingly entertaining. Both guys are real road warriors born for this sport. Henry has not even been past the first round. Anyone who watches combat will love every minute of this. Leben has been through many wars in his fighting career. Looking at the resume of Quentin Henry he has another war to the sights.

Bare Knuckle Mania is available for anyone on the Fite app for $39.99. After watching the podcast Loudmouth Fisticuffs with Jeff Houston and Joshua Fers the card will be included in the bare knuckle subscription. Jeff is the BKFC Knuckle Mania announcer for the fighters and does a great job. The podcast is worth the watch. They talk about everything in the combat world. A subscription to the bare knuckle app is only five bucks a month. They even have another small origination named Toe the Line in the library. BKFC Knuckle Mania

Bare Knuckle is definitely growing in popularity with the number of cards and names they are providing. Also, another point Loudmouth Fisticuffs talks about is the transitions. They make sure fans are aware that not all boxers just come over and dominate. Likewise, the MMA fighters have to adjust as well. Remember even though bare knuckle is the name people think it’s the same as all combat sports. The hands and faces get beat up fast. There are not many decisions in this sport. February 5th BKFC Knuckle Mania will be a combat fan night to remember.

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