How the Washington Wizards and Covid Exploded Faster Than You Can Say, “Bombarda Maxima”

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The Washington Wizards and Covid have become the worst pairing in the league, as the Wizards had two weeks’ worth of games postponed due to positive tests all around. They finally got to play a game against the San Antonio Spurs, but this whole situation has raised some questions.

Washington Wizards and Covid: Who Tested Positive?

Six Washington Wizards players tested positive for COVID-19, which lead to nine players out due to health and safety protocols. In addition to this, Russell Westbrook and Thomas Bryant have both been out due to injuries. Due to these bumps in the road, the Wizards haven’t had enough active players on the roster to continue playing games. In addition to this, several members of the organization tested positive the next day. After this mess, a total of six games were postponed for the Washington Wizards.

When Will The Postponed Games Be Played?

The Wizards aren’t the only team who has had their games postponed due to health and safety protocols. The NBA anticipated this would happen, which is why their revised schedule was split into two halves. The first half is set to go until March 4, and the postponed games are to be played in the second half of the season, according to ( When the NBA releases its schedule for the rest of the season, the answer to this question will become more clear. Shams Charania of The Athletic tweeted an updated calendar for some postponed games to be played in the first half:

How Has This Impacted Other Teams?

There have been some questionable game postponements, especially with teams that came into contact with the Wizards themselves. Out of the 22 games that were postponed, at least six of them were Wizards games. For the most part, it has been specific teams that have had trouble with health and safety protocols, so this can still be manageable. Hopefully, the All-Star break will give the NBA a chance to reset, although it may not look good if they still plan to hold the game.

How Can the NBA Work to Better Isolate These Cases?

Recently, the NBA introduced more “strict” protocols to limit contact between players. This meant no more hugging or dapping each other up before and after games. This received a bit of criticism, with most people pointing out that basketball players breath in each other’s faces for 48 minutes anyway.

Security breaks up Kyrie and Bam after they try and swap jerseys post match. / Bleacher Report

In addition to this new “no hugging” rule, the NBA enforced no guests in the hotel rooms and players can no longer go out to whatever restaurant they want. Some may argue that this should have been the case from the beginning, but better late than never, right?

Nevertheless, limiting contact as much as possible seems to be a good idea. The NBA should take this one step further and not allow any fans into their arenas at all. It just seems like an unnecessary decision to have a select number of fans going to the games, some of which don’t follow the proper protocols all the time.

If you want to hear a wacky new fact that they have done with fans coming into the arena, there are the ‘COVID-sniffing’ dogs. Yes, you read that right.

Washington Wizards and Covid: What’s Next?

The Washington Wizards and Covid have seemed to cool down a bit, with the Wizards being able to play a couple of games. Hopefully, we don’t see more of these outbreaks within teams and the second half of the season comes with better protocols. Make sure to follow Overtime Heroics – Basketball (@oth_basketball) / Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news on the NBA season and new articles posted every day and check out for more information on your favorite teams.

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