2021 Cubs Rumors: Chicago Eyeing Three Veteran Starters

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2021 Cubs rumors continue to be hot, and this time around it is not a trade rumor. The Cubs are eyeing three starting pitchers, all three could compete for a spot in the Cubs rotation come 2021. All three of them being former All-Stars, with two being former Cubs.

2021 Cubs Rumors: Jeff Samardzija

Former Cubs fifth-round draft pick Jeff Samardzija will reportedly be linked to the Cubs organization once again. Samardzija pitched for the Cubs from 2008-2014, then for Oakland and San Francisco.

Throughout his 13 year career, he has posted a 4.15 ERA with 1449 strikeouts in 364 games played. His lone All-Star appearance came in 2014 while he was a member of the Cubs. Samardzija is a great buy-low candidate to round out the Cubs rotation.

2021 Cubs Rumors: Mike Foltynewicz

One of the hundreds of 2021 Cubs rumors this year is adding pitching, Mike Foltynewicz happens to be one of the many pitchers linked to the Cubs. Foltynewicz has played the majority of his career in Atlanta where he has appeared in 122 games while starting 118 of them.

While in Atlanta he posted a 4.30 ERA with a 44-41 record, he pitched 667.1 innings, amounting to around five innings per game. In 2018 Foltynewicz made his lone All-Star appearance, posting a career-high 2.85 ERA. 2019 was not as eventful where his ERA spiked to 4.45 in 21 starts. The Cubs would hope a move to Chicago would give him a career resurgence.

2021 Cubs Rumors: Jake Arrieta

Former Cubs ace Jake Arrieta is the third pitcher being linked to the Cubs. Arrieta saw four brutal seasons with Baltimore before being shipped to the Cubs. While with the Cubs Arrieta had five excellent years, appearing in one All-Star game, winning one Cy Young award, and playing a vital role in bringing the Cubs a World Series Championship.

After leaving the Cubs for the Phillies in 2018 his career took a turn for the worst. He would post a 4.36 ERA in 26 games for a team that had high hopes of a Championship. Whether the Cubs are living in the past or this is a move of desperation pitching will be key for the Cubs this year.

Best Fit

The Cubs have lost three major pieces of their rotation this offseason and are in desperation to compete with St. Louis after their acquisition of Nolan Arenado. Whether any more of the 2021 Cubs rumors are true, Cubs fans should hope that this one is. Adding one of Arrieta, Foltynewicz, or Samardzija could go a long way this season, but who is the best fit?

All three pitchers bring various things to the table. When looking at the numbers Foltynewicz has the less appealing stats, but he is the younger of the three giving more potential for him to be a steal and have a breakout season. While Samardzija is the eldest, he has pitched for notoriously bad teams (sorry, 2008 Chicago Cubs). As for Arrieta he is the lone World Series Champion and should have Cubs fans behind him.

The best fit of the three seems should be Arrieta. He was atrocious with Baltimore and Philadelphia but made the argument for best MLB pitcher while donning Cubbie blue. While coming with a small price tag Arrieta is a low-risk, high-reward signing who may be able to turn his career around again in Chicago.

2021 Cubs Rumors Round-Up

These three pitcher rumors will likely not be the last of the 2021 Cubs rumors fans hear. Hopefully at least one of them will be able to help the Cubs rebound alongside freshly signed outfielder Joc Pederson. Hopefully, trade rumors do not dwell on players all season and the Cubs can compete once again.

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