Sacramento Kings Predictions – February

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The Sacramento Kings started the ‘first quarter’ of the 72 game NBA season with an 8-10 record. Ahead, I outline the February edition of my Sacramento Kings predictions.

‘First Quarter’ of Sacramento Kings Predictions

Originally, I decided to break down the season into ‘quarters’ (72 games divided by 4 = 18 games). Check out the ‘first quarter’ of my Sacramento Kings season predictions!

Honestly, many of the individual game predictions I made were incorrect. But, the overall record of the ‘first quarter’ of the NBA season was VERY close to my original prediction of 7-11. The Kings are currently 8-10 as of Saturday, 1/30.

Sacramento got off to one of their best starts in this MILLENIUM! The Kings started 2-0 for the first time since 2003. Though, their hot start was met and extinguished by opponents and the Kings ‘all-time’ terrible defense.

From CBS Sports, “Their (the Kings) 120.5 defensive rating is the worst in league history. They’ve allowed 120-plus points in eight straight games, which is a franchise record and tied for the second-longest streak league-wide in the past 35 years.”

The Kings did have two of their games against the Memphis Grizzlies postponed due to NBA COVID protocol.

Sacramento Kings FULL Schedule

Sacramento Kings Predictions – February

Compared to the rest of the NBA, the Kings have the MOST back to back games left on their schedule. Fortunately, the Kings are a young team and don’t seem to like partying all that much. Prioritizing recovery will be paramount to the Kings success during this tough stretch of the season.

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at Miami Heat – 1/30 – LOSS

at New Orleans Pelicans – 2/1 – LOSS

vs. Boston Celtics – 2/3 – LOSS

vs. Denver Nuggets – 2/6 – LOSS

at Los Angeles Clippers – 2/7 – LOSS

vs. Philadelphia 76ers – 2/9 – LOSS

vs. Orlando Magic – 2/12 – WIN

vs. Memphis Grizzlies – 2/14 – WIN

vs. Brooklyn Nets – 2/15 – LOSS

vs. Miami Heat – 2/18 – WIN

at Chicago Bulls – 2/20 – WIN

at Milwaukee Bucks – 2/21 – LOSS

at Brooklyn Nets – 2/23 – LOSS

at New York Knicks – 2/25 – WIN

at Detroit Pistons – 2/26 – WIN

vs. Charlotte Hornets – 2/28 – WIN

Overall, my prediction for the Kings during the month of February (and one game in January) will be a 7-9 record. That would put the Kings at 15-19 overall.

I am unsure when the NBA plans to reschedule some of the postponed games, but I would assume it would be at the end of the season.

Health Will Determine a Lot

The health of the Kings will determine A LOT during this season and in the future. Also, selfishly, it will be a large factor in how well I do in my Sacramento Kings 2020-21 win-loss predictions.

The Kings were plagued by the injury bug during the 2019-20 season. As a team, they really never had their full lineup healthy and available at the same time all season.

Marvin Bagley III was sidelined with multiple injuries during his first two seasons in the NBA, which slowed his personal development as a player and the Kings development as a team.

Doug Christie went on the Deuce & Mo Podcast where he discussed, among many things, why he thinks Marvin Bagley III is the ‘X-factor’ for the Kings.

COVID Protocol Could HELP Sacramento?

The COVID situation in the NBA will be interesting. Sacramento has already had two games, both against the Memphis Grizzlies, postponed due to NBA COVID protocol. Fortunately for the Kings, it was not their players who were ‘effected’ by the protocol.

Hear me out here …

WHAT IF the Kings stay healthy, and just happen to play teams in the league when they are short handed.

Whether that means the Lakers rest LeBron James versus the Kings OR a team that has a few key players out from COVID protocol.

Obviously, the Kings can just as easily be struck by COVID protocols but we shall see how that unfolds.

Will the Kings be .500 or Above AGAIN This Season?

The Kings started off 2-0, moved to 3-1, and surpassed most Kings fans, and expert expectations.

Patience and Practice

This young Sacramento Kings team is learning, growing, and improving with every opportunity they can get. Practice time is going to be the most beneficial for this stage of the Kings development. So much can be learned and improved upon from film study, practice, and repetition.

Kings rookie Tyrese Haliburton is already in the early talks for NBA Rookie of the Year. Check out my article on the young King Haliburton and how he was the STEAL of the NBA draft.

The one thing this young Kings team can’t speed up is TIME. It will take time for the players to mesh, for the coaches to mesh, and for both of those parties to work together well.

It is an exciting time in Sactown! I have faith in what Kings new general manager Monte McNair is doing. If he decides to make trades, I trust him. If he decides to keep the roster intact, I trust him.

Kings Three ‘Trade-Ability’ Tiers

There are some roster questions left to answer.

Is Buddy Hield part of the future of a winning Kings team? Do we value Richaun Holmes enough to re-sign him? Do we use him as trade bait? Possibly to bring in ‘team-changing’ talent, while also maybe packaging some other Kings players who may be ‘untradeable’ by themselves.

Holmes has stated publicly that he would like to STAY in Sacramento. It will be interesting to see what the Kings front office decides to do with the Sactown fan favorite, Holmes.

I outline my three ‘trade-ability’ tiers for every Sacramento Kings player. Where does your favorite, or least favorite, King fall?

The future is bright for the Sacramento Kings! Check back in March for my next set of Sacramento Kings predictions!

Go Kings!

-Tom Witt

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