Thankfully Marcus Smart Only Has a Calf Strain

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Marcus Smart only has a calf strain. That is the news that all Celtics fans wanted to hear after he went down with an injury last night where he awkwardly landed after going up for a block in the second half of the game against the Lakers where the Celtics lost by two. Celtics fans feared the worst and were praying that it wasn’t an Achilles Injury.

Luckily the Celtics reported later in the game that it was in fact a Calf Strain. Celtics fans didn’t completely believe that and thought it was a torn or ruptured Achilles. Some of that fear came from the fact that when Kevin Durant had his Achilles injury they also originally called it a strain.

Celtics fans can breathe I sigh of relief, however. The MRI showed that it was in fact just a Calf Strain for Smart. This means that the Smart will most likely miss a few weeks with the Grade 1 left calf strain and then get back to locking down his matchups each and every night. Boston will now not have to go after a replacement for Smart during his absence. So it looks like Isaiah Thomas will not make his Celtics reunion which some Celtics fans had hoped for.

If the Celtics had lost Smart for the season their chances of being a Finals contender would have probably gone right down the drain, considering Smart is the heart and the backbone of this young Celtics team.

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