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3 Reasons Why New Titans Defensive Coordinator Shane Bowen Was a Great Hire

After being with the Tennessee Titans since 2018, Shane Bowen has been promoted to defensive coordinator. Bowen’s history with the organization has been short, but he’s been coaching up the linebacker position all three years. Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen will have plenty of work to do to earn back the trust of the fan base. 

This last season, Bowen was given play-calling duties along with coaching the LB group. He was faced with working two jobs at once throughout the 2020 season, which didn’t seem to work out. The Titans finished 28th in total yards allowed, and 24th in points allowed. 

With the Titans in a short Super Bowl window right now, the fan base was hoping for a more proven name to earn the DC job. Instead, the fans will be watching Shane Bowen continue to call plays, even after having a less than stellar performance. 

After a poor year, it’s odd to see head coach Mike Vrabel quickly promote the first-time play-caller. However, with Bowen only being 34 years old, the Titans" front office sees a bright future ahead of Shane Bowen. 

Not all is bad, as there is some reason to believe Bowen is the right hire. Looking at how the defense performed in 2020, they only needed a reliable pass rush, and to improve on third-down stops. If that were the case, this defense would have at least been average. With that said, here are three reasons why Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen was a great hire. 

Less Food On The Plate Of Titans Defensive Coordinator Shane Bowen

Coaching NFL football is one thing, but being stretched out working two different positions, has to be a completely different experience. That’s exactly what Bowen did for the Titans this season. There is reason to believe that Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen could thrive working just one job.

During his three years with the organization, Shane Bowen has been coaching the LB group. In 2018, and 2019, the Titans defense was very competitive with the linebackers leading the way. We’ve witnessed guys like Jayon Brown, Rashaan Evans, and David Long Jr. play great under Bowen"s coaching.

However, in 2020, Vrabel gave play-calling duties to Bowen without promoting him to DC. Because of that, Bowen was working two jobs simultaneously. He had to focus on coaching the LB group while also writing up the defensive game plan every week. Then during the games, he’d have to coach the LBs while calling plays as well. Not surprisingly, both the linebackers and the play-calling were questionable, to say the least. 

Now, with less food on his plate, new Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen will be able to focus on the scheme, game planning, and play-calling as his sole job. Jim Haslett has taken over as the linebackers coach, giving Tennessee a full coaching staff heading into the 2021 season. 

Look for Bowen to be more focused, and possibly more in control of everything. Considering how well he coached up the linebackers when that was his sole position, he very well could become a great DC for this franchise. Only time will tell though, as the answer to that question won’t be answered until next year. 

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It’s a Personnel Problem, Not a Coaching Problem

It’s rare to see someone be promoted after a poor performance. However, this promotion makes it clear what is on Mike Vrabel’s mind. This coaching staff, and front office, believe the defensive problems lie within the roster and not the coaching. Expect to see the Titans be aggressive this offseason as they search for players to improve the defense. 

As I mentioned before, if the Titans had a better pass-rush and could stop third-down conversions more effectively, then they could have been a much better defense. Last offseason, the front office made the right choices in signing Jadeveon Clowney, and Vic Beasley to improve the pass-rush. However, both guys played well below expectations. 

With that said, this franchise will be searching for players that fit the scheme. Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen is likely already communicating with Vrabel on how to improve the roster. With pass-rushing a glaring weakness, it will be interesting to see who this team acquires during the offseason. Finding the right players goes a long way, and if Bowen has the right personnel, this defense could vastly improve next year. 

The Titans See Talent in Shane Bowen

Although the fan base questions the move, promoting Bowen to DC should be viewed at a much deeper level. Bowen is currently 34 years and has only been coaching high-level football since 2009. Bowen fits the mold of young coaches being hired within the NFL these days. 

Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen joins a list of young coaches that have been brought up through the Titans coaching staff recently. Mike Vrabel himself is only 45 years old. Additionally, the new head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith is only 38, and Green Bay Packers HC, Mike LaFleur is 34. Smith and LaFleur both were hired on as offensive coordinators before finding a head coaching gig elsewhere. 

Also, hiring within the organization, means the front office has confidence in its coaching staff. This franchise believes the best coaching candidates are already on the staff. This is how some of the best franchises in NFL history have operated for years. Just look at the New England Patriots as the most recent example. 

At the end of the day, nobody really knows how this hire will pan out until next season. It’s easy to point out Bowen’s flaws this year, but we have yet to see what he can do when focusing on just being the DC. It’ll be interesting to watch what Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen will do next year, as this franchise will be adding much-needed help to the defensive roster.

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