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2021 Cardinals Predictions: Standouts to Win the NL Central

Time to look at some 2021 Cardinals predictions. The St.Louis Cardinals are coming off of a pretty good 2020 season and are poised for even more success in 2021. Last season the Cardinals finish the shortened 60 game season with a record of 30-28. They ended up with one of the three wildcard spots in NL. In the playoffs, they were defeated by the San Diego Padres in three games.

2021 Cardinals Predictions: The Offseason.

The Cardinals had a very quiet offseason. They agreed to terms with pitcher Jordan Hicks. They also resigned outfielders, Harrison Bader and Alex Reyes. They still have a bit of work to do in the coming weeks, as they are still looking to re-sign Yadier Molina.

2021 Cardinals Prediction: The Offense

The Cardinals" offense was not the best during the 2020 season. Last Season the Cards were the 20th ranked offense in the MLB. They were also ranked 11th in the NL. Even though their offense does not rank very highly among the rest of the MLB they had the highest-ranking offense in the NL Central.

2021 Cardinals Predictions: The Defense

Defensively the Cardinals should improve from the 2020 season. They were one of the top-ranked teams defensively the Cardinals were ranked number 9 in the MLB defensively. They are going to improve with the return of Jordan Hicks in the bullpen.

2021 Cardinals Predictions: The Rest of the NL Central

The NL Central has been very active during the offseason, with most of the division going seemingly backward. Although the Cardinals have not made a monumental move this offseason. A lot of key players in the NL central have been traded. Key names such as Yu Darvish and possibly Kris Bryant have left the division making it easier for a team like the Cardinals who will more than likely have their star talent like Yadier Molina (should he re-sign) and Paul Goldschmidt

It also looks like the Cardinals will be the only team that is heading in the right direction heading into the 2021 season. The Cubs have already made multiple trades and non-tenders, making them look like they are going tank for at least the 2021 season. The Cincinnati Reds are most likely going to lose Trevor Bauer and unless they sign someone like a J.T Realmuto caliber player to replace Bauer, they could suffer. offensively as well as defensively.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have not done much to improve this year after a mediocre 2020. They"ve lost several key players again this winter, and have done little – if anything – to replace them.

The only team that might compete with the Cardinals in the NL Central this year is the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers are the only other team in the division that has not looked like they are rebuilding. The Brewers are hoping for MVP Christian Yelich to return to his former dominance, as he lacked his dominance in 2020.

2021 Cardinals Predictions: Final Thoughts

2021 should be a very interesting year for the Cardinals. With a division that is as wide open as the NL Central, there is no reason for a team like the Cardinals to take it this year. They are going to have to improve offensively if they are going to make a run for the world series but it"s very possible.

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