2021 NFL Free Agency: 3 Potential Destinations for Aaron Jones

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The Green Bay Packers offseason has begun along with 29 other franchises. With the organization strapped for cash, it’s not likely for them to keep some of their top free agents. For that reason, Aaron Jones should be playing on another team next year, as he’ll be a high-profile target in the 2021 NFL free agency. 

During this season, we witnessed another great performance out of Jones. Finishing with 1,104 rushing yards and nine touchdowns, Jones wound up being one of the best running backs in the league. His 5.5 yards per carry is extremely high, and he should continue that success with another franchise. 

Between the 2021 NFL free agency class, and the prospects coming out of the NFL draft, the RB position is going to be stacked this year. Jones is the best RB available in the free-agent pool, which means he’ll be garnering interest from plenty of teams. However, three stick out as the best fit for the four-year vet. Here are three potential destinations for Aaron Jones. 

2021 NFL Free Agency: Most Likely Destinations

New York Jets

The New York Jets had a year to forget after finishing with just a 2-14 record. As we enter the offseason though, the Jets are in a great spot to rebuild the franchise. They have a ton of draft capital, and the cap space to make a splash in the 2021 NFL free agency. 

With two picks in the first round and plenty of holes to fill on the roster, the front office is going to want to use the 2021 NFL free agency pool to supplement the roster. There is a ton of talent available, which gives the Jets a great opportunity to land some high-quality players this offseason. With a putrid RB group, look for the Jets to find an upgrade this year. 

Aaron Jones would be an amazing fit for this roster. With Robert Saleh as the head coach, the Jets may become a run-heavy offense. He comes from the San Francisco 49ers, which was focused on tough defense and controlling the clock with the run game. 

Sure, the last time New York signed a 27-year-old RB, it didn’t quite pan out for them. However, Jones hasn’t missed playing time the same way Le’Veon Bell has, and Jones has been sharing the rock while in Green Bay. For the Jets, he’d finally become the workhorse we all know he is, giving the Jets a competitive advantage in 2021. Pay close attention to the Jets during the 2021 NFL free agency. 

Seattle Seahawks

The offseason has hardly begun and the Seattle Seahawks have already been busy, to say the least. Pete Carroll has made it clear the Seahawks offense will be more focused on the run in 2021. If that’s the case, they could sign Aaron Jones in the 2021 NFL free agency and put this team over the top. 

If this comes to fruition, the Seattle offense becomes one of the best in the league. With Russell Wilson under center, Aaron Jones in the backfield, and DK Metcalf running routes, the Seahawks become a major threat in the NFC West. All the front office would have to do is fix the offensive line, which they can do in the NFL draft. 

The Seahawks have been playoff contenders for years now, but with the NFC West being one of the most competitive divisions in football, they’ll have to load up their roster to maintain dominance. Signing Aaron Jones gives Seattle that little extra they’ll need to win their division. 

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Miami Dolphins

After just missing the playoffs, the Miami Dolphins aim to make the postseason next year. Thanks to the Houston Texans, the Dolphins have a ton of draft picks to find future talent. Additionally, they have enough cap space to put their roster over the top during the 2021 NFL free agency. 

The front office has to consider signing Jones. The Dolphins’ RB group suffered from injuries all year, and he’d clearly be the starter. Even so, Myles Gaskin was a solid running back when he was on the field. If the Dolphins can acquire Aaron Jones, they’d have a fantastic 1-2 punch at RB that gives them a huge competitive edge. 

Signing Jones in the 2021 NFL free agency also alleviates pressure to draft an RB. This team needs help in other areas, as they’ll want to find some help at wide receiver and the offensive line. Tua Tagovailoa had an up-and-down rookie year, so finding the right guys to play around him is detrimental to Miami’s success. Securing Jones would go a long way in upgrading the Dolphins’ roster next year. 

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