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Interview with the P4P GOAT, Demetrious Johnson

After over a year out in the octagon, on April 7th 2021, we finally get to see the return of the P4P great, Demetrious Johnson. “Mighty Mouse” is making his comeback in ONE Championship’s flagship show on their first US Prime Time event, ONE on TNT. Demetrious Johnson, the ONE Flyweight Grand Prix winner, will challenge Champion Adriano Moraes for the ONE Flyweight World Title.

Demetrious Johnson – Will fight for the Flyweight World Championship April 7th 2021

I was fortunate to catch up with Demetrious Johnson in his preparation for the said title fight. We conversed about how things have been since we last saw him compete, and what we can look forward to in 2021. Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson Interview

It’s been over a year, since your last fight with Danny Kingad how frustrating has it been with all the delays, and how do you feel to be getting back in there?

DJ – Not frustrating at all, we were in a pandemic, so I made the best of it, spent a lot of time with the wife and children and I’ll never take that for granted, I’m very excited to get back in there and compete.

Your opponent has never been finished in his career and only has three split-decision losses. How important is it for you to win your first ONE title belt in a decisive manner? Or will you take the win any way you can get it?

DJ – I’m not too concerned about how I get the W, I’m always looking for the finish, and I know he is a tough opponent.

You have said you plan after retirement, on opening a business and exploring more of the gaming world. Would you still be heavily involved in martial arts? Maybe becoming a coach or even opening your own gym?

DJ – After I’m done competing I will help my teammates pursue their careers. I will continue to stream on twitch. Becoming a coach or opening a gym doesn’t interest me, I know how much work and time that takes. I want to spend my years, after competing helping my children find their passion.

Many people might not know that you actually worked a full time job in the beginning of your career. Meaning you not only balanced working and training, but fighting too. What skill or goal have you had to work the hardest at, to get where you are today?

DJ – I think the biggest thing is consistency is what I learned. MMA is a grind, work is a grind. You grind out the work in the gym or the workplace. Once you make your earnings you go do something else or save the money etc. Then rinse and repeat.

What do you think about the weight cutting rules of ONE compared to UFC’s? Do you think UFC will ever move in the direction?

DJ – I love the ONE hydration weight rules it’s healthy for the athlete. Naw I don’t think so cutting weight has become part of the gig.

You’re considered to be one of if not the greatest of all time, what drives you to stay motivated, and is there anything else you would like to accomplish?

DJ – This is how I provide for my family and pay my bills. It’s very easy when you tell yourself that 😊.

I would like to thank Demetrious Johnson for taking time out to spend time with us at Overtime Heroics MMA, and also the ONE Championship PR Team for making it possible.

All images credit to ONE Championship PR Team.

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