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Is Patrick Mahomes the Best Quarterback in the NFL?

I know what your thinking. Of course, he is. But the facts may say something else. And while most fans would agree with you, there is still an argument to be made as to who the best quarterback in the NFL is.

Aaron RodgersTom Brady, even Russell Wilson would still probably garner some votes in that conversation. It seems like a fair argument based on how well Rodgers and Brady especially played this season. Rodgers is looking like the MVP, and Brady will face Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl, so the argument still seems valid.

But would a second straight super bowl victory for Mahomes solidly him as the best. If you don"t think of him as the best quarterback in the league, then Super Bowl 55 could be the passing of the torch that would give Mahomes the nod as best in the NFL.

Who"s the Best Quarterback in the NFL Based on Stats?

Stats aren"t always the best way to judge who the best is at any position, but it does give us some good numbers to compare. The part that is so controversial is how many different stats there are for quarterbacks.

You have yards, touchdowns, interceptions, and so many more things to compare. And each quarterback we are comparing here has different things they are leading in. Mahomes has the most yards among the quarterbacks in this comparison, and Rodgers had the most touchdowns. Brady has the best career numbers.

For this reason, the idea of using stats is a difficult way to determine who is best. However, from what I could gather, Rodgers had the best overall stats, and they would give him the title of the best quarterback in the NFL if you used those metrics to pick your guy.

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The Other Facts

Stats aren’t the only thing people use to compare quarterbacks. Another thing you have to look at is an overall success. We have two guys on our list playing in the Superbowl, one that should win MVP and a former super bowl champion to compare.

And this is where our argument starts. If you use the stats, you would say Rodgers is the best, but if you use success, then Rodgers"s lack of super bowl wins and even appearances knock him down.

This begs the question, would a second championship title make Mahomes the best quarterback in the league. Back to back Superbowl wins, an MVP and probably two Superbowl MVPs through his first three seasons would give some serious consideration.

From a talent standpoint, a stats consideration standpoint, and a success standpoint, Mahomes would check all three boxes. However, he would theoretically have to win this weekend.

The Answer to the Question

The primary purpose of this article was to figure out if winning the Super Bowl would make Patrick Mahomes the undisputed best quarterback in the NFL because there’s a big difference between best and undisputed best. The arguments for Brady and Rodgers are still out there and are still relevant.

However, a back-to-back Super Bowl champion who’s thrown for almost 15,000 yards and over 100 touchdowns in less than three seasons he would for sure take the cake. Mahomes has the talent, the poise, and the personality, and most importantly, the resume to be considered the best quarterback in the NFL.

With a Super Bowl loss though, you could argue for Brady or Rodgers. Especially Brady considering he would be the champion at that rate. The best of the best wins at the highest level and that could be a blemish on the resume of Mahomes.

This argument is a tough one to make. No matter who the country believes is the best, someone"s opinion will be different. However, a two time super bowl champion with the stats that Mahomes has would be the best. Especially if you consider that this is only year three for the league"s most exciting quarterback, there really would be no doubt.

He is at the peak of his performance as he is only getting better and has been at the top of the NFL world in back-to-back seasons. Mahomes is the NFL"s most famous player, and he would also be the best quarterback in the NFL if he were champion again this year.

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best quarterback in the NFL best quarterback in the NFL best quarterback in the NFL

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