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Did Stamp Fairtex Tap? Breaking Down Her Loss Against Alyona Rassohyna

The ONE: Unbreakable III main event between Stamp Fairtex and Alyona Rassohyna ended up in a very controversial stoppage. Referee Olivier Coste stopped the fight with seconds remaining after Stamp Fairtex tapped to a tight guillotine choke from Alyona Rassohyna. Now, we’re going to break the submission down and see if there really was a tap, or not.

Did Stamp Fairtex Tap?

Indeed, the match was a bitter loss for Thailander superstar, Stamp Fairtex. The former ONE Kickboxing and Muay Thai Champion now succumbs to a 3-fight losing streak be it MMA or ONE Super Series. Coming into the match, Alyona Rassohyna set to be Stamp’s toughest challenge especially with the skillset of the Ukrainian. This, because of Alyona’s 14 career wins, 10 came from first-round armbar submission wins.

The first round had a fast-paced action with both women taking turns having their own dominant moments. However, what surprised everybody the most was Stamp Fairtex’s massive improvement on the ground. Unexpectedly, Stamp looked comfortable being on the ground and even escaping dangerous submissions, transitioning to better positions, and even mounting Alyona. Stamp’s fast development just proves how hard she dedicated time and effort to her BJJ.

Stamp was able to stuff most of Alyona’s takedown attempts and if she ever got taken down, she would reverse position and get back on the feet. Although Alyona had her lead left hook successfully landing a couple of times, it was Stamp that landed the more accurate punches, and crispier counters and combinations.

In the third round, Stamp Fairtex looked to have full control of the fight and seemed to be taking the win away. Frustration built up on Alyona Rassohyna as she could not take Stamp down. But, at exactly 1 minute left in the fight, Alyona made a strong takedown attempt and got successful in putting Stamp on her back.

Alyona worked her way on transitioning but Stamp was able to negate. On the 20 seconds left mark, Stamp risked scrambling and Alyona immediately transitioned into a guillotine choke position. At 15 seconds left, Stamp gave up her neck.

Alyona put everything on the grip and it looked like a very tight guillotine choke. Alyona locked a leg which prevented Stamp Fairtex from angling herself to the left, and possibly escape the choke. At approximately 7 seconds left in the fight, the controversy begins. Seemingly, Stamp Fairtex tapped her hand 3 times on Alyona’s shoulder, causing the referee to stop the fight. Stamp Fairtex immediately appealed to the stoppage and several times shouted that she did not tap out.

Commentator Mitch Chilson suggested that Stamp Fairtex did not tap due to the submission, rather she did it as she heard the bell sounded. Mitch also pointed out that the guillotine choke was not in the optimal position as Alyona did not have a body lock. However, the replay justifies that the tap definitely came before the bell rang. Also, Rich Franklin said that he thinks Stamp Fairtex tapped and it was a legitimate submission victory for Alyona Rassohyna.

Stamp had the win slipping before her hands. Alyona produced a massive comeback, worthy of being in the highlights of the year. Stamp gets her first MMA loss, while Alyona improves her record to 15 wins. It will be very interesting if Stamp Fairtex appeals to ONE Championship for this loss. What do you think? Did Stamp Fairtex tap? Stamp Fairtex Tap

Featured Images Credits to ONE Championship
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kevin sims
909 days ago
would love to hear from Stamp on this, what was she thinking when she tapped did she think the round was over? and why would she think this?
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khaislisyah herr
965 days ago
For most fighter who knows they had the fight winning, with just seconds to go, I don't think she would tap as to giving up, I think the two tapping knocks might have make her thought the fight was over, so she tap for the opponent to let go. her reaction as soon as she was let go was to me a celebration, until the referee told her she tap. that's why she complain.
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966 days ago
From the angle of the tv set its actually a tap out ,its my personal opine n its clearly tapping!!
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