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Super Bowl 55 Daily Fantasy Breakdown: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Super Bowl 55 is fast approaching, and it is the last chance we will have to set those DFS lineups! There are plenty of great options in this game, but today we will be focusing solely on the NFC representative. With this just being a singular game, it limits roster construction. Let’s go ahead and dive into what players to buy into this week for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Daily Fantasy “MVP"s" To Start

Tom Brady | QB | FanDuel $15,000 | Draft Kings $15,000

You have a very good MVP play on this side of the ball, with Brady, the man with more Super Bowl experience than some NFL franchises! If you want to save a little at the QB position in this game this could be a move you make, especially if you want to stack with his WRs that will later be mentioned. I would be careful here though as he adds nothing with his legs. Patrick Mahomes threw for 462 yards and three TDs last time they met.

Mike Evans | WR | FanDuel $11,500 | Draft Kings $12,600

If you don"t want to go with a Chief or Brady with your “MVP" play, then Mike Evans could be your best bet. Evans is a TD waiting to happen at the WR position. His ability to score accompanied by the fact that Kansas City does not have a shutdown corner to lock him down could lead to a big fantasy day for him. I would not be surprised If he scores two TDs and goes over 100 yards receiving in this game.

Daily Fantasy Best RB Plays

Leonard Fournette | FanDuel $12,500 | Draft Kings $11,700

If you want to play an RB in this game Fournette happens to be my favorite. He is getting the majority of the work in that backfield. His carry totals over the three playoff games are 19, 17, 12 while receiving four, six, and seven targets catching four, five, and five. Fournette has also scored a TD in each playoff game this postseason.

Ronald Jones | FanDuel $8,000 | Draft Kings $3,300

Ronald Jones is clearly a little hobbled. He rushed the ball ten times in the NFC Championship game for 16 yards. He also does not get the passing work Fournette receives. I like Rojo moving forward next year, but it seems like Bruce Arians is comfortable riding Fournette for this Super Bowl run. The value of Jones at such little cost, however, makes him an extremely attractive tournament play.

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Daily Fantasy WR Plays

Now, we are into a very fun discussion. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the most prolific WR corps in the NFL. Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, the aforementioned Evans, and even the lesser options like Scotty Miller. I will list them in the order that I trust them, and break them down for this Super Bowl Matchup.

Chris Godwin | FanDuel $12,000 | Draft Kings $13,200

Godwin posted a big outing against the Chiefs last time they met. He was targeted nine times hauling in eight receptions for 97 yards. Godwin is also coming off his best playoff game going for 110 yards on five receptions. Godwin is a solid play in daily fantasy as well in this Super Bowl matchup though.

Antonio Brown | FanDuel $9,500 | Draft Kings $9,300

Even though AB is the cheapest option at WR for the Buccaneers he is not worth the risk this week. He is questionable with an injured knee. That could make it hard for him to get in and out of his routes or beat press coverage. He is still just dripping with talent but the injury and crowded WR corps should let you know to look elsewhere on Super Bowl Sunday.

Scotty Miller | FanDuel $6,500 | Draft Kings $4,500

Miller is a deep threat for Brady and you never know when he will break off a huge play. That makes him a very boom-bust type of player. I would not bet on him in this game however as he has only commanded six targets during the playoffs. Look elsewhere for a value play, maybe even at TE on this team.

Daily Fantasy TE Picks

Rob Gronkowski | FanDuel $6,500 | Draft Kings $7,200

Gronk is who I was referring to as a value play. He is priced the same on FanDuel and a tad higher on Draft Kings compared to Scotty Miller. However, his shot at a big game is much higher. Gronk actually had his best game of the season in the Bucs" last matchup against the Chiefs, going for 106 yards on six receptions.

Gronk has a very well established rapport with Brady as they have been in many big games together. You have to believe Brady will be going to the guy he trusts the most in big spots.

Cameron Brate | FanDuel $7,000 | Draft Kings $7,200

Brate has been playing well with TB12 and even more so during the playoffs. The problem here is that he is dealing with a back injury and has not been able to return to practice, sitting out on Friday. Even if he does play he could be limited from the back injury at this position.

There will be an easy way to put together a solid 5-man lineup with the prices on some of these players. Guys that I like a lot from the Bucs as my best plays include Fournette, Evans, and Gronkowski and they are all reasonably priced. Good luck this week go out and make that sweet daily fantasy money!

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