BKFC Knuckle Mania Results: VanZant Debut Loss, and Leben Retirement

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BKFC Knuckle Mania results are in and were exciting from start to finish. The much-anticipated debut of Paige VanZant resulted in a decision loss to Britain Hart. Bare-knuckle fighting is exploding in the combat sports world today. We also watched Chris Leben’s last performance with some quick work of Quintin Henry. The whole card was entertaining and had crazy moments to record for the young sport. Ten fights were aired through Facebook and Bareknuckle.tv, depending on how you bought the card. We will do a quick view for each prelim then more detail on the main matchups.

BKFC Knuckle Mania Results

Jarod Grant vs Brandon Lambert

The first match had a boring first round with Brandon taunting and pushing forward. Kid Gatti was just measuring him up then landing strikes in the second. Brandon tried pointing his finger up like the strikes were not hurting until Grant finished him in the third to stay undefeated.

Travis Thompson vs Dave Morgan

Thompson was ready to bang before being announced and looking determined. Pushing forward Thompson lands 2 knockdowns with the right hand in the first. Then easily finishes Morgan in just ten seconds making the match one-sided.

Taylor Starling vs Charisa Sigala

Fight of the night is the word for this war between the two ladies. Maybe Stephen A. Smith would not have enjoyed this with all the blood, but this match is a must-see. Starling was the winner without any argument, but do not take away the heart of Sigala to stay alive with punches of her own.

Dillon Cleckler vs Chris Jensen

The first heavyweight bout of the night was pretty quick to watch. Basically, after 15 seconds, Clecker landed a rocket launching body shot. Chris Jensen probably broke a rib taking the blow.

Haim Gozali vs John McAllister

This bout started off with McAllister landing solid punches that would finish most. However, Gozali lands a hard straight right to drop McAllister that should have been it. Even though the ref gave him more time Gozali dropped him again for the comeback win.

Lorenzo Hunt vs Rob Morrow

Southpaw Morrow verse orthodox Hunt caused this bout to start slow with a few boos from the crowd. There was a controversial knockdown to Hunt in the third that judged as a slip. May have been needed in this close fight until a late exchange in the 4th dropped Morrow to give Hunt the victory.

Martin Brown vs Zach Zane

Early in this fight both fighters slipped and twisted his knee pretty bad. However he was able to continue without Zane capitalizing on the injury. Resulting in a cut over the eye to Zane that made him quit, so the injured Brown win the match.

Main Bouts

Chris Leben vs Quentin Henry

Big shots were landing right out the gate. Then Henry was believing an eye poke happened even though to was a Leben uppercut. Henry was told to continue or he will lose by TKO. As soon as they start again the power shots from both side turn on immediately. Leben eats a couble then lands two straight lefts and drops Henry for the KO. The legend of Chris Leben will never be forgotten, and what a great way to end his fighting career. This his first combat fight in November of 2002 he will always be in the history books.

Johnny Bedford vs Dat Nguyen

This fight was for the BKFC Bantamweight Title. Both fighter were undefeated in their small bare knuckle careers. The challenger started off landing great counter punches. Nguyen was using crisp boxing skills to land the strikes through two rounds. The champ Bedford came alive in the third, and Dat was warned for illegal pokes. After four rounds the fight looked tied with no surprise. In the final round Nguyen land just few more strikes for the judges. Scoring this fight was hard but there has to be a winner. The challenger Dat Nguyen did enough for the judges to see the fight for him. Maybe there will be a rematch in the future with a close fight like that.

Main Event: Paige VanZant vs Britain Hart

After sizing each other up a bit Hart really started to control the circle through 2 rounds. Within the clinch, Hart was tearing up Paige’s body. The pressure Hart was putting on VanZant was too much for the dancing star. Paige was more confident in the later rounds, but it was not enough to stop the more experienced Hart. The judges only gave VanZant one round which was more than likely the final round. After all the wait Paige lost, but she did not look very bad. Hart’s bare knuckle record is now 2-2 and her after fight interview was pretty wacky.

Overall this sport of bare knuckle is very entertaining and worth the watch. The bare knuckle TV app is only $4 bucks a month. All the fights had finishes except three. When is the last time UFC had those numbers?

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