The Britain Hart Post Fight Interview: Poetic or Insane?

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KnuckleMania was a night of great fights, historic moments, and a literally out of this world Britain Hart post fight interview. In fact, I’m willing to say that BKFC has the wildest post fight interviews in the entire Combat Sports game right now!; With WWE style scenarios where a fighter runs into the ring from the crowd and interrupts the victor on the mic. Or in the case of the Britain Hart post fight interview, gets a bottle of water dumped/thrown on them by the fighter from the crowd. Yup, ‘twas all class tonight at KnuckleMania.

We also witnessed the legend Chris Leben knockout Quentin Henry in the 1st rd to win his retirement fight. So that was genuinely a phenomenal moment. Other then that though, the fights were good, but boy the post fight interviews really stole the show. Especially the Britain Hart post fight interview!

The Britain Hart Post Fight Interview, cringy, or raw emotion?

Interesting stuff right? One thing I will say is that you can definitely tell this was a life changing victory for Britain Hart. Don’t judge her too harshly, as who knows how any of us normal people would ever act if we were ever blessed enough to be in a moment like that! Britain Hart definitely fought her ass off, and earned that victory. So she has the right to have her moment and say whatever she wants. Of course, fans will rip this interview and entire event to shreds online regardless.

One takeaway from the Hart post fight interview for me was that BKFC should maybe rethink this WWE like approach to them. It sucks to see an obviously exhausted and overcome with shock from victory Britain Hart have to deal with cutting a huge promo that ends in a confrontation. It’s all stuff we’ve seen before, but I will say; I think we’re all used to seeing it done much better. In a sport as brutal as Bare Knuckle Fighting, it’s kind of off-putting and out of place too.

PVZ vs Britain Hart recap

Anyways, feeling bad I couldn’t find any more footage of the Hart post fight interview for you guys, I figured I could at least give a short analysis of the battle.

I scored every round for Britain Hart except the fifth round, personally. My opinion aside, I think it was clear as to why Hart would win by decision. She controlled the range and advanced for much of the fight, and when PVZ clinched, Hart did a great job at tying her up and ripping the body. Paige just seemed like she couldn’t quite adapt to the distance. When she did in the fifth, it was just far too late.

Both ladies landed some good shots, and I thought it noteworthy when Britain Hart said:

”She (Paige VanZant) hit me harder then any girl has before… she even hit me harder then any guys have.”

Speaking of Paige, she chose not to stick around for any wacky interviews BKFC might have offered. Leaving us with a big mystery. Where does she go from here?

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