Top Five Guards in NBA Trade Rumors

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It is that time of the year again where the NBA trade rumors are circulating! The position that projects to have the most movement is the guards. Teams such as the Pelicans, Thunder, Wizards, and even the Rockets have all seen their guards’ names circulated in NBA trade rumors. With all these potential backcourt options, who are the best that seem to be available?

Honorable Mentions in NBA Trade Rumors

#5: George Hill, Oklahoma City Thunder

‘no one thinks’ Hill will remain with the Thunder past the March 25 trade deadline. 

ESPN’s Tim Bontemps

Hill is currently dealing with a thumb injury that will cause him to miss some time. However, he should be back before the March 25th deadline and should garner plenty of attention from contending teams.

The veteran guard is efficient from the field, shooting almost 51% this year, and 46% on his career. Add in his playoff experience and the ability to stretch the floor from either the point guard or shooting guard position, and the Thunder can continue their rebuild by flipping Hill at the deadline.

Potential Suitors

  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Boston Celtics
  • Los Angeles Clippers

All three teams could use a boost to their guard rotation, and the addition of Hill gives them exactly that. For Dallas, Hill can help improve the horrid three-point shooting that has caused them to fall out of the playoff picture. Meanwhile for both the Clippers and Celtics, getting a proven commodity at guard in a sixth man role legitimizes their chances of beating either the 76ers or Lakers in their respective conferences.

#4: J.J. Redick, New Orleans Pelicans

Redick has seen his efficiency dip this year, but that should not turn potential suitors away. A career 41.5% shooter from behind the arc, his floor spacing ability can improve any team’s chances at a title run.

Expect some movement out of the Pelicans as the deadline looms. Redick, Ball, and Bledsoe have all seen their names floating around in NBA trade rumors. Redick feels like the most surefire of the three, but something to keep an eye on in New Orleans.

Potential Suitors

  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Boston Celtics

A Doc Rivers reunion in Philadelphia might be the most likely for the former Blue Devil, but do not rule out Brooklyn. The Pelicans guard’s family resides in Brooklyn, and he can add even more shooting to an already prolific offensive attack. The Celtics can use more spacing and guard depth with the injuries sustained on their rotation, but the favorite is certainly Philadelphia.

#3: Victor Oladipo, Houston Rockets

The two-time All-Star has already been traded once this year, but do not be surprised if it happens again. Houston is currently on a mission to recoup the picks lost in past deals, and Oladipo could be the next piece to help the Rockets do so.

As the former Hoosier battles back from injury, the consistency issues have shown through. However, taking a flyer on a free agent for this upcoming offseason might not be the worst possible idea for some struggling teams that need a boost.

Potential Suitors

Miami needs any help they can get as a slow start to the season has them checking in just outside of the top ten in the Eastern Conference. With his expiring deal, the Heat would not have to give up much to attain Oladipo either. For Denver, a defensive boost is what they need, and a former All-NBA first-team defender will give them exactly that.

#2: Kyle Lowry, Toronto Raptors

Personally, I was utterly shocked to see longtime Raptor, Kyle Lowry’s name in NBA trade rumors. But on an expiring deal, playing for a team that is getting younger, it makes sense.

A player of his caliber along with his contract will be hard to trade, but some suitors could use an NBA Championship level point guard on their team.

Potential Suitors

  • Miami Heat
  • Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers make the most sense here. A reunion with some of the pieces that won the Finals in Toronto as well as the Raptors not having to worry about finding an in-conference trade partner are great reasons to send him out west. However, Miami can offer a package that few can match. As stated previously, trading Lowry will be difficult, but if either the Heat or Clippers wanted to, both are moving the chips all in on an NBA Finals run this year.

#1: Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards

What is there left to say on Beal? He has seen his name in NBA trade rumors since the 2020-21 campaign commenced in December and has reacted poorly to it. The on-court play has been terrific, even All-Star caliber, but his demeanor, his distance from the Wizards players, is tough to watch as an NBA fan. Who knows if Beal is going to get dealt from Washington. It sure feels that the two-time All-Star wants out, but if and when will it happen?

Potential Suitors

  • Miami Heat
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Atlanta Hawks

When talking about NBA trade rumors, and a trade of a player of Beal’s caliber, the deal has to include a high salary, some young talent, and picks. All three teams listed have exactly that. All three teams need a player of Bradley Beal’s talent to go to the next level, but as stated previously, this saga has been a nightmare. Who knows if Beal will be traded this year.

Plenty of Guard Options in NBA Trade Rumors

Take your pick. Whether a team is looking for a veteran guard who can space the floor, in need of some defense, or looking for a superstar. All are options when looking at the guards available on the market. The March 25th deadline should be a lot of fun, as many solid options and suitors are starting to pop up in NBA trade rumors.


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