Sacramento Kings Win Four Straight Games – 7 of Last 8

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The Sacramento Kings win four straight games – and 7 of their last 8. The Kings are 12-11 overall, currently sitting at 9th place in the NBA western conference!

I’m just going to leave this here for Sacramento Kings fans to screenshot, send to friends, put up on their ‘fridge … REJOICE!

Practice Makes Permanent

After starting the NBA season hot at 2-0, the Sacramento Kings went on an epically COLD streak.

During that cold spell, the Kings lost 9 of 11 games. That was while playing some HISTORICALLY bad defense.

Then … Sacramento’s fortunes changed. Their two games against the Memphis Grizzlies, 1/24 and 1/25, were postponed. This allowed the Kings to take part in some much-needed PRACTICE.

The Kings have, for the most part, stayed healthy.

In my Kings Season Preview article, I wrote about how HEALTH and potential COVID protocol could affect the Kings, positively or negatively. So far that effect has been POSITIVE!

The Kings have also taken advantage of ‘opportunities’ presented to them.

During the Kings recent winning trend, many notable ‘key opponents’ have missed games. Marcus Smart, Jamal Murray, Paul George, and Patrick Beverly, to name a few.

Simply put, the Kings need to keep taking advantage of these opportunities.

A recent Bleacher Report article took advanced stats into account, and said this of the Kings,

Ranking the best five-man lineups in the league based on net rating and “specific areas that distinguish each five-man unit—for better or worse,” the Kings hold the third-best unit in basketball.

Sacramento Kings Win Four Straight

The Sacramento Kings win four straight games to continue their hot streak. That four-game win streak included wins against the New Orleans Pelicans, Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Clippers.

The Kings kicked off their hot streak, winning 7 of their previous 8 games, against the New York Knicks on 1/22.

Even in their one loss, the Kings were a few missed free throws away from beating the Miami Heat. Which would have turned winning 7 of 8, into an 8 game win streak.

Kings Win Two Games in 20 Hours!

Insanely, the NBA scheduled the Kings to play not only two games in a 20-hour time span … but one at home and the next on the road.

To add to that, it would be against two of the best teams in the NBA – Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers. To add to the madness, the Kings were awoken at 7 am the morning of the Clippers game to get COVID testing done – per Carmichael Dave.

That scheduling is insane on so many levels… injury risk, quality of play, home and away travel, watch-ability on Super Bowl Sunday … I could go on.

None of that would deter the Sacramento Kings.

After beating the Denver Nuggets 119-114 around 5 pm PST or so on Saturday, the Kings packed up their bags and flew down to LA to beat the Clippers 113-110 at NOON Sunday.

NBA Standings ESPN


De’Aaron Fox is working his way into an NBA All-Star and superstar caliber player. Fox is transforming in front of Kings fans eyes … if the game isn’t blacked out on local television.

Fox, along with Giannis Antetokounmpo was recently crowned the NBA Western Conference Player of the Week.

He isn’t only adding a three-point and mid-range jumper to his game, but is also showing he can be a ‘4th quarter’ closer. That 4th quarter closer is something Sacramento has been missing since … Mike Bibby?

Fox ‘ranks’ 25th in John Hollinger’s ranking of NBA players. This ranking system features FIVE Kings in the top 50 players in the NBA.


Tyrese Haliburton has been crucial to the success of the Kings.

The NBA rookie of the month for January and rookie of the year candidate has shined brightest during the 4th quarter. Haliburton is 2nd in the NBA in 4th quarter 3pt percentage, behind Joe Harris of the Brooklyn Nets.

Against the Celtics, Haliburton tied his career-high point total of 21. Two games later against the Clippers, Tyrese scored 23 points, setting a new career-high. #reseROY does a lot – even hitting multiple shots at the end of quarters, which have been BIG during the Kings winning spell.

Haliburton is one of the top names in the running for NBA rookie of the year award, along with LaMelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets.

Hield Starts New Streak

Buddy Hield‘s NBA leading 87 game streak with a made three-point basket came to an end on Saturday versus the Denver Nuggets.

Hield would start a NEW three-point streak LESS THAN 24 HOURS later in the Kings win against the LA Clippers on Super Bowl Sunday.

Hield has not been scoring at the clip the Kings are used to, but ‘Buddy Buckets’ is making up for it in other ways. Buddy is starting to make fewer mistakes, along with more hustle plays, stronger dribbling, and improving effort on defense.

The shooting will come for Hield. If and when Buddy continues to improve aspects of his game other than shooting, he will be a successful player for years to come. Regardless, Buddy helped the Sacramento Kings win four straight games. As he gets better, so will the Kings.

It seems as though opposing teams still ‘scheme’ to stop Hield from hitting the three point shot. Even though he is on a ‘cold shooting’ spell – opposing teams still respect the HECK out of Buddy Buckets.

Though, one question remains constant. Does Buddy ever live up to his massive contract for the current Sacramento Kings team?

I give some of my opinions in a recent article – Sacramento Kings Trade-Ability Tiers and Scenarios. Some of my opinions have changed since then, some have stayed the same!

Kings Schedule Ahead

My Sacramento Kings February Predictions have been VERY wrong so far … and I could not be HAPPIER!

The Sacramento Kings win four straight games, and 7 of their previous 8, as they head into the second week of February.

This week, the Kings host three games at home in downtown Sactown.

My prediction is that the Kings will go 2-1 this week.

vs. Philadelphia 76ers – Tuesday 2/9 – LOSS

vs. Orlando Magic – Friday 2/12 – WIN

vs. Memphis Grizzlies – Sunday 2/14 – WIN


-Tom Witt

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