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Top 3 Fantasy Football Destinations for Allen Robinson in 2021 NFL Free Agency

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The 2021 free agent WR class has no shortage of talented players, but many believe Allen Robinson is the best of the bunch to hit free agency. ARob has compiled some impressive stats with average QB play…at best. We all know he hasn’t had the luxury of playing with an elite passer. Could this change? Let’s take a look at some very interesting landing spots.

Allen Robinson to the Baltimore Ravens

It is easy to take shots at Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens passing attack. Lamar has not had a true number one WR to throw to in his career, though. Robinson signing with the Ravens would change this and could help Lamar develop further as a passer. Baltimore currently ranks eleventh in projected available cap space, and it was evident in the playoffs that Baltimore needs to develop a better passing attack if they want to make a deeper run in the postseason.

Robinson can be to Lamar what Stefon Diggs was to Josh Allen. Allen was not the most accurate passer in 2019 but after the Diggs trade has one of the highest completion percentages in the league. I don’t expect that exact leap because it does not often happen, but Lamar is better than people give him credit for.

Many will see this and say we just want ARob to play with a good QB for once. If he has been putting up top ten numbers with Mitch Trubisky, Nick Foles, and Blake Bortles how do you not see this as an upgrade? Lamar posted a 64.4 completion percentage in 2020 which is only 2.7% lower than Patrick Mahomes. Lamar to Robinson could be a thing of beauty for years to come.

Allen Robinson to the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are building the right way and have the looks of a real playoff contender. They also currently have a solid amount of salary cap room, ranking eighth in the league. Tua Tagovailoa is a talented young QB who dealt with some struggles as a rookie coming off of a hip injury from college and having an abbreviated preseason program. He was thought by many to be the top QB in his draft class before Joe Burrow had his meteoric rise in 2019 though.

Adding Robinson in free agency to an offense already possessing some solid receiving options in DeVante Parker and Preston Williams would help this offense take a huge leap. Parker would work well as the secondary option to Allen Robinson. While this may not be the elite QB many want Robinson to be tied to, Tua still has plenty of potential.

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Allen Robinson to the New York Jets

This free agency landing spot works best if the New York Jets can land Deshaun Watson in a trade (I really wanted ARob to the Houston Texans but that cap situation is terrible). So let me dream here. Even if they are unable to acquire Watson, they possess the number two overall pick with which they could use to draft Ohio State QB Justin Fields.

Watson would be, and Fields could be, the best QB that Robinson has had the pleasure of playing with. Robert Saleh is looking to build a contender in New York, and this would be a step in the right direction. Robinson would be the clear number one WR in this offense and it could lead to big numbers.


Two teams that I believe could also be good fits for Allen Robinson include the New York Giants and the Los Angeles Chargers. For the Giants, they would get a true number one receiver for Daniel Jones which could help them evaluate if he is the future of their franchise. If he can’t take another step with Robinson/ Sterling Shepard/ Darius Slayton/ Saquon Barkley next year, they will surely know it is time to move on.

As far as the Chargers go, they don’t necessarily need ARob. They have an elite WR in Keenan Allen and a solid number two in Mike Williams. I would just love to see Robinson tied to Justin Herbert. The passing offense would be nearly unstoppable with a Robinson/Allen tandem!

Allen Robinson’s free-agency will be a fun one to keep an eye on. I’m sure there will be plenty of rumors on where he will end up before he finally signs. No matter where ARob winds up, we have seen he can produce. Let me know where you would like to see the talented WR ink his new deal!

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