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Interview With Darrick Minner Ahead of UFC Vegas 19

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UFC featherweight Darrick Minner is eyeing his second straight UFC victory when he takes on Charles Rosa at UFC Vegas 19. In my interview with Darrick Minner, he shed light on his unwavering love for MMA, what his future holds, and more.

Darrick Minner has put his blood, sweat, and tears into mixed martial arts for over a decade. Racking up 34 fights prior to debuting in the UFC, Minner credits his immense love for the game as to why he’s stayed focused on achieving his ultimate goal of enjoying a successful UFC career.

Interview With Darrick Minner

“It just took a lot of love for the game and always staying on path,” Minner replied. “I would get knocked down and battle back, and try to take a fight right away to get that s**t out of here. It was rough you know, my recent losses, like to Herbert Burns on the Contender Series. I’m (22-10) at that point and it’s like ‘man I just ruined my shot’, not many guys get in at the stage I was at.”

The story of Minner’s journey to where he is today, readying for his third UFC appearance, is incredibly inspirational. He stressed the importance of having the right mindset, as well as having the right people surrounding you.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 18: In this handout image provided by UFC,Darrick Minner poses on the scale during the UFC Fight Night weigh-in at UFC APEX on September 18, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

“Yeah man, just stayed course you know, and having the right people believe in you and having the right mentors in your corner to make sure you know and remember why you started and the ultimate goal, which is what I’m living now. You gotta keep love for the game man and keep moving forward when you take the hardest path possible to the UFC.”

Minner would be the first to tell you, grinding day in and day out for over a decade is not easy. Something has to be driving you to get out of bed every morning and train to become the best version of yourself possible. For Minner, what drives him has changed a bit over the years.

“Before I just loved to fight,” he said, “Although recently it’s changed a lot for me. Beginning wise, when I was 20 years old I got out of college, didn’t have anything other to do. I wrestled one year of college and been competing my whole life, I was like ‘man what do I do from here?’. So I took a random fight and fell in love with the game. That’s what drove me up until the last couple years.”

“Now, I have a nine month old and I’ve got a step-daughter that’s five years old, and I’ve been with her mom Jordan for three and a half years. I have a family now so I fight so they don’t have to. I fight to show them anything’s possible no matter what.”

Speaking of fighting, Darrick Minner is preparing to face Charles Rosa at UFC Vegas 19. Minner said he felt a bit “disrespected” after being a (+260) underdog to TJ Laramie.

In my interview with Darrick Minner, I asked him if he felt overlooked being a slight ‘dog to Rosa at UFC Vegas 19. Additionally, just how much joy does Minner take in proving doubters wrong?

“Man, I’ve been doing that s**t my whole life,” he said. “I’ve proved a lot of doubters wrong and I’ve always been doubted man, that’s nothing new to me. I figured I was going to be an underdog here, but I love proving doubters wrong and I love proving people right.”

Like I previously mentioned, Minner has a strong support system and he’s driven to prove those people right just as much as proving the doubters wrong.

“I can’t forget about them, I have a huge support system behind me back home and all around,” he affirmed. “I can’t forget to prove them guys right. A lot of haters and doubters, but I’ve also got a ton of people who love me and support me too.”

As far as his match up at UFC Vegas 19, Minner is very excited about the possibilities.

“Man I love the match up,” he confirmed, “Charles is experienced, but since 2016 he’s had like three or four fights. Whereas, I’ve had 16. So I have the experience edge and I’ve fought just as tough of dudes he has. As far as the match up man, we love everything about it. I think I win this fight everywhere and in short time I’ll go out and prove it.”

Minner’s UFC Vegas 19 opponent predicted a first-round knockout. Meanwhile, Darrick isn’t into predictions aside from predicting his hand being raised in the end.

“The fact that Rosa said he’s gonna knock me out in the first round is ridiculous,” Minner responded. “The dude’s good and tough, but I’m gonna walk in there with no other predictions than getting my hand raised man. I feel like I’ll finish him in the second or third, but if I have to prove to everybody what is happening down here with James Krause that being 35-36 fights in and still improving, then that’s what will happen.”

My interview with Darrick Minner concluded after he relayed his plans for 2021 to me. Of course, it all begins with a win over Charles Rosa at UFC Vegas 19.

“Whatever they give me because I don’t say no to fights,” he replied. “If they offer me one in two weeks after this win, and I like it, we take it. I’m looking for at least four fights. That’s the goal, four fights, four wins. Throw a couple of bonuses in there and start making real money in this game.”

Make sure you tune in to UFC Vegas 19 on Feb. 20th to catch Darrick Minner’s take on Charles Rosa in a featherweight clash. Also, if you enjoyed reading my interview with Darrick Minner, feel free to check out our UFC home-page for the latest and greatest content.

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