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Shocking claims? Nate Diaz to 185, 170, or 165 lbs?

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While Nick Diaz fighting at 185 lbs was something the world was graced with, Nate Diaz to 185 lbs might just seem like a fantasy. Or is it? While Dana White announced that they were working on a Nate Diaz fight at 155 lbs, Nate himself made it clear he planned to stay at 170 lbs on Twitter, and most recently on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

So, while he shut down the theory of going back to 155 lbs, he opened up a unique wormhole in the process. Nate claimed he would fight at “165, 170… 185, just not 155″ in his interview with Ariel. Not to mention he called out both Charles Oliveira and Dustin Poirier.

Nate Diaz to 185, 170, or 165 lbs? Master of Misdirection

So, which one is it? At this point, it’s impossible to tell! Although I will say Nate Diaz to 185 lbs seems the least likely to happen. Also, it almost seems like he’s throwing out the names Dustin and Charles, hoping one will stick. Dustin Poirier has expressed interest in fighting Nate, but that was back when Dana said they were working on something for him at 155 lbs before Nate shut that notion down. Would Dustin or Charles be open to fighting him at 170 lbs? Who knows!

Another matchup fans have been clamoring for is a match between Tony Ferguson and Nate. However, to this point so far, Nate Diaz has been “no selling” or, in other terms, ignoring that reply by Tony. What matchups could we expect to see if Nate Diaz to 185 lbs became a reality though? Well, I have one that sort of makes sense. Maybe him and Khamzat Chimaev at 185 lbs could make sense if Nate was truly trying to move up to that division.

However, in my opinion, I believe Nate Diaz would be too small for the middleweight division. Diaz is so lanky, I could see top-5 guys like Robert Whittaker or Paulo Costa having a huge strength advantage over him. Although, Whittaker and Darren Till once fought at 170 lbs. So could we ever see a Diaz and Whittaker/Till money fight?

In the words of the great Dustin Poirier: “Does it make sense? No, but it’s an exciting fight and this is the fight game so…”

Also, let me address the whole “165 lbs” remarks from Nate Diaz. What fights could we possibly see him in at that weight? The answer is probably none. Dana White notoriously hates catchweight fights, and if a 155 lbs fighter was looking to go up and fight Nate, why not just do the bout at 170 lbs?

Regardless, I still think Nate Diaz to 185 lbs is the least likely to play out. When you look at that division though, there’s a ton of strikers. Nate’s a guy who’s gone on record saying he prefers to stand and bang, although we all know he’s a BJJ ace regardless. Anyways, I’m just saying that some of those fights to be had at 185 lbs would be intriguing, but ultimately very unlikely.

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