MLB History: Three Worst MLB Contracts

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Most, if not every team in MLB history has at least one bad contract. That is something that comes with having no salary cap. The Phillies paid big to land Bryce Harper, the Dodgers paid big to keep Mookie Betts, these deals are nothing new, and not bad to have a star that produces on and off the field.

MLB History: Worst of the Worst

Although some teams paid big for players that have not produced since signing, making them the worst MLB contracts. Who are they?

Chris Davis

A bad contract list is not complete without mentioning Baltimore Orioles “slugger” Chris Davis. For a short while Davis was one of the most feared hitters in baseball, this of course did not last long. In 2016 the Orioles inked Davis to a seven-year, $161 million extension.

Since 2016, Davis has hit over .200 twice with his season-high being .221 in 2016 and over the past three seasons he has not sniffed .200, his total batting average during his extension is a dismal .196, with 762 strikeouts in 534 games. Adding insult to injury Davis’s “power” bat has only accumulated 92 home runs since the extension began, 38 of which coming in 2016.

Back in 2016, $21 Million a season looked like a steal for the likes of Chris Davis, flash forward to 2021 and it seems as though the Orioles have been bamboozled. With two years left on Davis’s contract and the Orioles in no place to compete, the only real painful situation is one of the worst teams in baseball holds one of the worst MLB contracts.

Giancarlo Stanton

In 2015 the Miami Marlins linked Giancarlo Stanton to a monstrous 13-year, $325 Million extensions, in December of 2017, the Marlins dealt the NL MVP to the New York Yankees, with that the Yankees would get Stanton and his monster of a contract.

Stanton may be a former MVP, but thus far, his tenure in New York has been nothing short of disastrousness. Stanton averages $25 million per season and since joining the Yankees he has averaged 66 games played, equaling out to about $380,000 per game played. Through 199 games in pinstripes, Stanton has batted .266, with 45 home runs, and 124 RBIs. These numbers are nowhere near Chris Davis, but none the less disappointing to the “Evil Empire” and their quest for greatness.

Stanton is halfway through his 13-year deal and if he does not turn things around and find a way to stay healthy this may get dangerous for New York. Yankees fans may not think Stanton’s contract is one of the worst MLB contracts, but this deal is not good now and has the potential to be catastrophic.

Albert Pujols

Flashback to 2012, the Los Angeles Angels have young superstar Mike Trout looking to take the league by storm. The Angels go out and sign superstar Albert Pujols to a 10-year, $240 million contract and now have two superstars who are destined to win many championships for years to come. Sike, Pujols did not help Trout and the Angels win, a matter of fact his contract may have done more damage than good.

Through nine seasons with the Angels, Pujols has appeared in one All-Star game which is eight less than he did while in St. Louis. With Los Angeles, Pujols has batted .257, with 217 home runs, and 771 RBIs. Although these numbers are not atrocious they are not great considering it is Albert Pujols, but in the Angels defense, no one predicted Pujols’s late-career fall.

Back in 2012, signing Pujols was great, the bad part of this contract was making it end-loaded. The Angels paid a 32-year-old Albert Pujols $12 million, now they are paying a 41-year-old Albert Pujols $30 million. For a team looking to compete and win their first World Series in 20 years, paying a 41-year-old who is not helping as much as a $30 million player should. The fact that the Angels did not win a World Series, let alone a playoff series with Albert Pujols on the roster makes his contract one of the worst MLB contracts.

Recap Of Worst MLB Contracts

Baseball has more terrible contracts, we could have looked into the 30 worst MLB contracts, but most people would get bored. Luckily for the Angels and Orioles, Pujols and Davis’ contracts are almost done and they are in the clear to hand out more bad deals. As for the Yankees, you guys are stuck with Stanton for the foreseeable future.

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