4 Likely Landing Spots for JJ Watt

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With one of the best defensive talents available, let’s examine the four likely landing spots for JJ Watt. The Houston Texans have made headlines with Deshaun Watson and the trade circus that involves their star quarterback, and on Friday the Texans and star defensive end JJ Watt mutually agreed to part ways, making him a free agent.

Watt is Wanted

Watt will have a plethora of suitors calling for his services as players of his caliber don’t become available very often. In fact, every team should at least pick up the phone and make an attempt to sign Watt.

His talent was never questioned as he’s remained one of the best defensive players in the NFL for a long time, and his phone will be ringing non-stop.

So, here are four likely landing spots for JJ Watt as he hits the open market for the first time in his career.

Potential Landing Spots for JJ Watt

#4. Los Angeles Chargers

Watt wants to compete for a Super Bowl after years of mediocrity in Houston and will want to join a contender, or at the very least, a playoff team.

So, why are the Chargers one of the landing spots for JJ Watt?

Brandon Staley. Yes, the Chargers weren’t a playoff team last season, but the hiring of Staley who just led the number one defense in the NFL with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, this move makes sense.

Watt can work with one of the best defensive coaches there is, and it helps that Staley will be calling the plays. The Chargers could make some noise in 2021, and the mere thought of Joey Bosa, Derwin James, and Watt together is sickening.

The Chargers have money to spend to offer him a decent deal, and adding a top-level talent like Watt would give Staley that much more to work with on the defensive side of the ball, an area that struggled last season for LA.

#3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Do the Bucs need Watt? No, but if he wants to compete, and if the Bucs want to repeat, it doesn’t hurt. However, he wants to win, and this destination would make a lot of sense for the talented veteran.

Tampa Bay just won the Super Bowl, and although they have their own free-agent decisions to make with Shaquil Barrett and Chris Godwin, among others, adding Watt would just make this team that much better.

Lavonte David is a free agent as is Ndamukong Suh and Steve McLendon, so bringing it Watt even if they lose a couple of those guys would be huge. The Bucs defense was terrific all year, just watch the Super Bowl again.

Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians would absolutely be thrilled to land Watt in this offseason and head into September as Super Bowl favorites. With all being said, chalk up the Bucs as one of the landing spots for JJ Watt.

#2. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are another team in the AFC who are gunning for the Kansas City Chiefs and are going to be talked about thoroughly as one of the potential landing spots for JJ Watt.

Mike Vrabel is the head coach of the Titans, and his familiarity with Watt from his Texans days would help as far as recruiting is concerned. Also, Watt would get the chance to face the Texans twice a year while remaining in the AFC South.

The Titans have made the playoffs in each of the past two years, and are just a year removed from the AFC Championship game.

They have work to do if they want a shot at winning the AFC, and the thought of Jadeveon Clowney and Watt together on that defensive line is scary for the rest of the league and makes sense as one of the possible landing spots for JJ Watt.

Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill aren’t getting any younger, and the Titans window is closing by the year. Players like Watt don’t become available very often, and they have to do their part to get him while they can.

#1. Pittsburgh Steelers

This one is interesting for a lot of reasons. First off, the Steelers are currently projected to be over the cap, so they have to make some wiggle room to make this work. Secondly, Watt would reunite with his two brothers, Derek and TJ, and the trio of Watt brothers on the same team has to be a thought for JJ.

The Steelers finished the year 12-4 and won the AFC North before losing to the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs, and bringing in Watt would help this team immensely as they also are aiming to knock off the Chiefs and become AFC supremacy.

Watt would not only get to play with his brothers, but the thought of both TJ and JJ getting after the quarterback is going to give opposing head coaches nightmares. Also, it helps that the Steelers should remain competitive, regardless of the decision regarding Big Ben.

He can compete and play with his brothers, and while the money might be a question, the other two factors might be enough to make this one of the most realistic landing spots for JJ Watt.

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