Trade News: Galchenyuk and Paquette Join the Carolina Hurricanes

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In a surprise move, the Carolina Hurricanes traded Ryan Dzingel for Alex Galchenyuk and Cedric Paquette from the Ottawa Senators. This trade comes when the Hurricanes have taken on a lot of injuries through Martin Necas, Petr Mrazek, and Max McCormick, as well as just seeing Vincent Trocheck recovering recently. With all these injuries coming to Hurricanes forwards, it is a possible reason why this seemingly sudden trade would occur to add more depth and protect them when injuries occur.

What to Expect from the Carolina Hurricanes’ New Trade Acquisitions

Alex Galchenyuk

Alex Galchenyuk has moved around a fair bit since coming into the NHL, playing for six teams in nine seasons. Galchenyuk was never a major goal-scoring or assisting forward, instead of taking on the role of a two-way forward who spends a lot of time in the penalty box. More recently, Galchenyuk’s numbers have dwindled farther, seeing him only total 25 points in the past two seasons. A possible explanation for this could be his trade movement between teams, playing for what’s now four different teams in two seasons, which doesn’t allow much time to build line chemistry.

When thinking about where Galchenyuk could fit in for the Carolina Hurricanes, he would likely either play the role of a depth forward or a fourth-line grit player. His ability to play either in the centre or on the left-wing could help him find his place in the forward lines as that flexibility could help him serve his role as an injury replacement. Due to his physical style of play, he could be slotted in on the penalty kill if a regular penalty killer is injured.

Cedric Paquette

Cedric Paquette, on the other hand, has had a fairly stable career, playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning for seven seasons before going to Ottawa on free agency. Paquette was a part of the Tampa Bay Lightning‘s 2019-2020 Stanley Cup-winning team. He played 25 games and contributed three points in the playoffs. Paquette hadn’t gotten into his stride at Ottawa. Paquette’s main area of play has always been in getting the puck back for his team and playing the physical aspect of the game while putting up modest numbers in terms of points and spending a fair bit of time in the penalty box.

When looking towards how Paquette could fit in with the Carolina Hurricanes, he would likely slot in well on the fourth line as a centre or be pushed out to either wing. Paquette would fit best here as he is not much of a goal-scorer, but rather a great enforcement and depth type player.

When analyzing Paquette’s seasons with the Tampa Bay Lightning, it was clear to see that he had always fit in best in more defensive based forward lines. Paquette could also fit in well on the penalty kill with his ability to use his frame to block shots and break up plays. He serves well as an extra attacker, with his ability to move the puck as well as getting back on defence quickly when needed.

Overall, neither of these players are expected to be real game-changers to the Carolina Hurricanes, as they hadn’t been scoring many goals with their previous teams and had been putting up unimpressive defensive games with the Ottawa Senators. While it is possible that the two simply needed a change of scenery and teammates to improve their game, it is more likely that they would become taxi squad players who get periodically rotated into the Hurricanes lines, as well as being used to replace injured forwards.

As the two players come into the team, updates will be provided on their performance, as well as any other Carolina Hurricanes news right here on Overtime Heroics Hockey.

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