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Defending Champion Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal Next TUF Coaches for 29th Season?

UFC 258 was a savage display of skills and technique, ending in the champion retaining his title. After the main event was over, Kamaru Usman called out Jorge Masvidal, and talks soon exploded that Usman and Masvidal could be the next TUF coaches.

It was an impressive performance by the champion. The type of fight to silence the critics and convert the masses to fans. Gilbert Burns was landing hard early, and dazed Kamaru several times. The Champion hung tough, and would end up securing the victory by TKO 34 seconds into round three!

After the win, this was the direct quote from Kamaru Usman, regarding the Masvidal rematch: “It’s not done (the rivalry). I’ll give you a whole training camp, I guarantee you won’t sign on that dotted line because this time I’ll finish your ass.”

A Long Search For the Next TUF Coaches Finally Over?

Well, that kind of answers the question! I guess the ball is now in Dana White’s court! So stay tuned fight fans, the Welterweight division has yet to reach full intensity.

When asked about the matchup itself between Usman and Masvidal, Dana was pretty open to it, saying: “there’s a lot of options for him (Kamaru) right now… if that’s what he wants and that’s the fight Masvidal wants then I’m sure the people would like to see it too…I don’t know, and I don’t know if I ever told you guys this, but I don’t make matchups the night of the fight” (source)

As you could see, nothing was said there as to who the next TUF coaches would be. However, if you think back to the two tweets I shared previously in this article; the rematch and a stint as the next TUF coaches is what both fighters seem to want!

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