Toronto Maple Leafs Acquire Alex Galchenyuk from Carolina Hurricanes

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Breaking NHL trade news as hot on the heels of yesterday’s trade, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes have made a new three-person deal. The Hurricanes part ways with newly acquired Alex Galchenyuk while the Maple Leafs gave out forward Egor Korshkov and defensemen David Warsofsky.

Toronto Maple Leafs Acquire Alex Galchenyuk

The Maple Leafs acquire forward Alex Galchenyuk. Galchenyuk is a versatile forward who has been moved around a fair bit, having hardly even spent a day in Carolina before being moved back to the Scotia North Division to play for Toronto.

The Maple Leafs have acquired a forward who still has some potential to grow, and will certainly be looking to prove why he should stay with the team after having now having been with five different teams in two seasons. Galchenyuk will hope to make it into an already loaded offensive team where he will likely be used as a depth forward for the time being.

Carolina Hurricanes Acquire Egor Korshkov and David Warsofsky

The Hurricanes acquired two players, the first of which being Egor Korshkov. Korshkov is rather young and has only played one game in the NHL, and has spent more time in the KHL than anywhere else since he was drafted in 2016. Korshkov scored a goal in his only NHL game and had a +1 before going to the AHL where he played 44 games keeping a +11 while contributing 25 points.

A consistent player, Korshkov will be hoping to be given a chance to see more playtime with his new team, and based on his consistent performances, the Hurricanes will be looking to see just what this young guy can do.

Secondly, the Hurricanes acquired veteran defensemen David Warsofsky. Warsofsky has never made a major impact on the NHL, mostly playing to fill in for injured players. Drafted in round four by the Tampa Bay Lightning, Warsofsky didn’t see his first game in the NHL until the 2013-14 season with the Boston Bruins.

Last season Warsofsky had a +/- of -33 in the AHL as captain of the Scranton Penguins. Warsofsky is unlikely to see any time in the NHL and will have to hope to recover the form he had in his youth in order to hold a place with the Chicago Wolves. The veteran player will likely be used for his presence in order to help groom the young defensemen in the Hurricanes roster.

Overall Trade Impression

This trade is not overly likely to make any large impact on either team, with the Hurricanes growing their depth for their roster, and the Maple Leafs shedding a little bit of cap space. The Hurricanes gain both a veteran and a youthful player, while the Maple Leafs gained a middle-aged talent in Alex Galchenyuk who may challenge the bottom-six forward players. Hopefully, both teams will be able to make use of these players, and the players will be happy with their new teams.

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