Latest MLB News: Yankees Sign Justin Wilson

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In light of the latest MLB news, the New York Yankees have added more depth to a good bullpen by signing LHP Justin Wilson. The terms of the deal haven’t been released but it’s supposedly not a straight up one-year deal according to Andy Martino of SNY. Whether it’s a 1+1 deal, two-year deal, or 2+1, the Yankees are able to land that left-handed relief piece they’ve been looking for. They were projected to have six righties in the bullpen and two lefties, and with Wilson, it’s more balanced at a 5:3 ratio of righties and lefties. Wilson is a solid reliever, and is a nice pickup for the Bronx Bombers.

Sneaky Good Production

Justin Wilson from 2018-2020 has sneakily been one of the better left-handed relievers in baseball. His numbers are solid, not elite, but quietly pretty good:

3.18 ERA
3.63 FIP
4.03 xFIP
3.96 SIERA
27.9% K%

These numbers won’t blow your socks off, but he’s definitely an upgrade in that bullpen. He slots in as their fourth or fifth best reliever, depending on how highly you value Darren O’Day. They’ve built up a solid bullpen with Justin Wilson there, but what does this mean for their roster?

This Latest MLB News Cements Them As World Series Or Bust

If the New York Yankees fail to make the World Series, this will be a disaster and failure beyond comprehension. This team has all the pieces, all the depth, and everything you could need. The American League is not stacked either, and with Wilson joining Jay Bruce in the latest MLB news for the Yankees, they’ve certainly improved. Their rotation has support with this super bullpen the Yankees have attempted to assemble. It’s going to be something they’ll hope to turn to if all else fails, and they’re certainly equipped to do so.

This move helps cement the Yankees as one of the best teams in baseball, but can they pull off a feat they haven’t in 11 years and win it all in 2021? That remains to be seen.

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