Steph Curry’s Great Season

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Stephen Curry’s great season has the Golden State Warriors currently sitting

Curry is averaging 30 points, 5.9 assists, and 5 rebounds a game. Similar stats to Curry’s unanimous MVP season in 2016.

After Klay Thompson was confirmed out for the whole season with a torn right Achilles tendon, the Warriors went from one of the favorites to win the NBA Championship to being questioned whether or not they will make the playoffs.

While it will be tough for the Warriors to make the playoffs and make a good run in them without Thompson, Curry may be able to push his side into the playoffs.

Without Kevin Durant and Thompson to help, many thought Curry wouldn’t be able to carry his team with defenses fully focused on him.

However, Curry’s great season is proving that he can thrive as a solo star. Portland Trail Blazers’ star, Damian Lillard also spoke on how life on the court for Curry would be even more difficult now.

He said: “He’s seeing that it’s tough to get those quality looks right now.

“It’s different than what it looked like the last 4-5 years for him.”

Curry would hit back on the court, dropping his career-high 62 points on Lillard and the Blazers. The best game of his great season so far. He reminded everyone just how good he is, one of the best point guards of all time without a doubt.

After the game Lillard also applauded Curry’s game and showed his respect.

The Highlights of Curry’s Great Season

There have been some stand-out games from Curry’s great season. One being the Warriors vs the Los Angeles Clippers. Curry dropped 38 points leading the Warriors to an impressive victory over one of the best teams in the NBA.

He went 9-14 from beyond the arc and also had 11 assists. The Clippers were up by as much as 22 points late in the third quarter. Curry’s 20 points in the second half led a massive comeback. It showed that while Curry is performing the Warriors will always be dangerous.

Another impressive game we’ve seen from Curry’s great season was against the Warriors vs the Dallas Mavericks. After blowing out the Mavs in their last game by 31 points, the Warriors suffered a defeat in their next game two days later.

Luka Doncic dropped 42 points and 11 assists to lead the Mavs in victory despite Curry dropping 57 points and 11 threes. He showed up in the clutch getting a great 3-point play from his layup to cut the lead down to one with 28.6 seconds left.

Warriors just needed a defensive stop but they left Maxi Kleber open after a terrible double team attempt on Doncic. Kebler hit the open 3-pointer. Despite, the loss Curry still dropped 57 points and was close to victory.

The most recent great game from Curry’s great season was the Warriors vs the Orlando Magic. Curry dropped 40 points in their 111-105 victory.

He dropped 40 points which included 10 3-pointers, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals.

After the game, Steve Kerr said: “These 3s that he hits when there’s nothing there offensively and he just uses his dribble to free himself up, not exactly with a ton of space just a few inches of space, then he rises up and you expect every one of them to go in, it’s just crazy.”

We can expect Curry to continue to put in great performances like the ones written. He was already one of the best players in NBA history, him putting in these performances without a second star is reminding people of that. We can expect him to continue Curry’s great season to continue and for him to push to be in the 2020-21 MVP discussion.

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