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3 UFC Fight Pass Events You Missed

Kamaru Usman defended his title for the third time and continued his streak of thirteen straight wins. However, there were three events on UFC fight pass on Friday. Titan FC 67, LFA 99, and The Golden Cage 3 were all accessible on UFC fight pass. Also, these events do not have to be watched live. They are on-demand with the app after the event is completed. These events had titles up for grabs and are professional bouts. Now we can do a quick review of the big moments on each card.

Titan FC 67

Titan FC is running out of Florida and started back in 2005. This card had two titles on the line at featherweight and bantamweight. Five of the eleven fights on the card were finishes. The co-main event was for a vacant featherweight title between Olivier Murad (4-0) versus Muhammadjon Naimov (5-1). Each round was close and the commentators had the fight tied going into the fifth. Both fighters gave everything and the fight was scored as a unanimous decision for Olivier Murad.

Next was the main event where champion Danny Sabatello put his title on the line against Da’Mon Blacksear. There was a missed weight by the challenger but the fight was taken on short notice. UFC fight pass cards are like the minors for Major League Baseball, so we get to watch fighters trying to make it to the big show. Sabatello used crisp wrestling making it very hard for Blacksear to get started.

The Golden Cage 3

This organization is running out of Italy and this card had 20 fights. Both amateur and pro bouts with 9 out of 20 ending in finishes. All the fighters were from Italy trying to make names for themselves. The main event was a rematch between Leonardo Damiani against Marco Saccaro who lost the first meeting. Depending on where you are from the commentating was a little different, but you can sense the ambition they have for MMA. However, that is what makes UFC fight pass so great. We as fans of this young sport get to see how other nations value the competition.

Back to the main event we saw a very entertaining fast passed fight. Daminani was able to keep his cool after trading some hard blows with Saccaro trying to get his revenge. At the end of the second round Daminani was able to attempt the guillotine to bring the fight to the ground. Then transitioned to the back for a rear naked choke finish.

LFA 99

The last event to cover from Friday on UFC fight pass is LFA 99 out of Kansas. In Kansas, their athletic community has an open scoring system. This allows the corner to see the judges scoring at the end of each round. No more wonders going into the final round who needs the finish. The main was for the vacant lightweight title between Myron Dennis and Fabio Cherant. Throughout the 9 fight card, there were 5 finishes.

The reason for so many vacant belts is because all these fights are trying to get the Dana White phone call. Being on UFC fight pass lets fans see the competition before the casual fan does. Fabio was able to dominate in the majority of the fight. Dennis had nothing left through five rounds. With Cherant or nicknamed the Water Buffalo as the new champ who will be the first to defend against. Hopefully Nick “Nyquil” Browne.

UFC Fight Pass

This was just about the Friday cards. There was 2 other fight card though the weekend. Eternal MMA 56 was on from Perth, Australia. Also, there was the Muay Thai debut of Lion Fight 63 out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. After UFC signed with ESPN, most events are on espn+. Moreover, there has been a big increase in the number of small cards available. For $10.00 a month UFC fight pass is a must for the budget.

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