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Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries is not a household name. He may not ever become one… but, the young Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries is doing the best to make the MOST of his opportunity in the NBA.

The 6’5″, 230lb Jeffries signed a partially guaranteed NBA contract this offseason with the Kings after his 2020 ‘NBA bubble breakout‘.

Collegiate Career

The Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries played three seasons in the NCAA. In 2015-16 Jeffries played for Oral Roberts. After one season at ORU, Jeffries decided to transfer to Tulsa, where he played his final two collegiate seasons.

In his ‘best’ collegiate season, 2018-19, Jeffries averaged 13.0 points, 1.2 blocks, 1.0 steals, 5.6 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per game.

Jeffries’ best single-season three-point percentage in college was 39.3% during the 2017-18 with Tulsa. Jeffries’ free throw percentage over his three collegiate seasons was 77%.

Undrafted G League Roots

The un-drafted Jeffries came into the NBA on a training camp deal with the Orlando Magic in 2019. He was waived by the Magic after a couple of months and was picked up by the Kings a few days later.

Jeffries made his mark with the Stockton Kings of the NBA G League. Jeffries’ G League stats are a little more representative of his ‘potential’ compared to his NBA and college stats.

Jeffries’ 2019-20 season stats with the Stockton Kings were well rounded. Per game, Jeffries averaged 31 minutes, 16.5 points, 1.1 steals, 6.9 rebounds, while shooting 34.9% from three-point range.

Jeffries did not rank among Rookie Wire’s Top 30 G League Players of 2019-20 … but three of his Stockton Kings teammates and former Sacramento Kings fan favorite Frank Mason III did make that list.

The Stockton Kings have been one of the best G League affiliates over the last few seasons. Before moving to Stockton, the Sacramento Kings G League affiliate were the Reno Bighorns.

Check out my article on the G League and Sacramento Kings draft breakdown from earlier this NBA season!

Kings DaQuan Jeffries ‘Bubble’ Breakout

The Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries made a ‘name’ for himself during the 2020 NBA ‘bubble’. According to Sactown Royalty, during the bubble, Jeffries averaged 11.7 points while shooting 40 percent on threes during 24.7 minutes per game in the scrimmage games. He then followed that up with 17.4 minutes per game during the seeding games.

Jeffries has not seen much consistent time in the NBA, yet.

Kings GM Monte McNair had lots of positive things to say about Jeffries. From a recent Sactown Royalty article,

“DaQuan is somebody we had looked at in Houston as well, and I think did some great things for the Kings last year,” McNair said. “The thing I love, first and foremost, is his toughness, you know, plays hard-nosed on both ends of the floor.

And I think we also saw his shooting start to improve, and I think that’s a key for him.

But he certainly showed his toughness and versatility on defense, the ability to play in a switching defense as well as you know just lock onto a guy and shut them down is huge.

And then offensively, with his athleticism, ability to run the floor and hopefully continue to improve that shooting could be a really impactful two-way player.”

The Future of Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries

Energy, IQ and defense are what will earn Jeffries more minutes in the NBA.

If Jeffries can play energetic, consistent, mostly mistake-free basketball – he will most likely earn more minutes on the not-so-deep, defensively disastrous Sacramento Kings roster.

Jeffries has the ability to make a difference on the defensive end, and without the ball in his hands. If he can continue to increase his outside shooting percentage, it will ONLY help him and the Kings.

After sitting out much of the early 2020-21 NBA season with an injury, Jeffries made it into the starting lineup in his first few days back from injury. This was a ‘spot start’ for Jeffries, as the Kings were dealing with some injuries and missing players.

Looking Ahead

Right now, the Kings just need more bodies! Looking ahead though, when the Kings are ‘clicking’, where does Jeffries fit in with De’Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton and crew?

What type of player will the Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries continue to progress into? Only time, and opportunity, will tell!

I posed a simple poll question on my Twitter account –

Will the Sacramento Kings be above .500 at ANY point again this season?

Go Kings

-Tom Witt

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