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Denver Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Looking Back A Year Later

Now that the NFL season is done it is time to have a Denver Broncos 2020 NFL draft review. The Broncos had nine picks in the 2020 draft and most of them made an impact on their first year in the NFL. Denver also had a great pick in the 7th round that might be one of the steals that year.

Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Round 1

Jerry Jeudy- Round 1, pick 15

With the first pick for Denver, they tried to beef up their offense with a great route runner. Jerry Jeudy was one of the best route runners in the 2020 Draft. This season, Jeudy ended up with 52 receptions, 856 yards, and three touchdowns.

There were some up and downs to his rookie year, which included a 92-yard touchdown. The downside to Jeudy’s year is his catch percentage, which was at 46%. He has a lot of learning to do, but overall I feel like Juedy played well for a first-year wideout. Also, with Courtland Sutton gone it really opened him up for the number one receiver, and he excelled in that role.

Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Round 2

KJ Hamler- Round 2, pick 46

Denver decided to go with another wide receiver in the second round. They went with the best route runner with Juedy first, then in the second round, they took a speedster in KJ Hamler. Hamler had a different rookie season than Juedy. One thing that was hard for him to do was to stay healthy. Hamler played 13 games and only had 30 receptions for 381 yards. His catching percentage was higher than Juedy’s with 53.6% but other than that it was a tough year for him. Hamler shows tallet, he caught a 49-yard touchdown and has blazing speed. The one thing that he needs to work on is staying healthy. This would elevate the Broncos receiver group.

Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Round 3

Michael Ojemudia- Round 3, pick 77

Next up in the Broncos 2020 NFL draft review is one of the biggest surprises in the draft, Michael Ojemudia. He played a lot for the Broncos and did very well in all 16 games and even started in 11 of them. he finished with 62 combined tackles, with 55 of them being solo. He almost had his first interception but it got called back.

broncos 2020 nfl draft review
RUTHERFORD, NJ – OCTOBER 01: Denver Broncos cornerback Michael Ojemudia (23) swats the ball away from New York Jets wide receiver Jeff Smith (16) in the third quarter at MetLife Stadium on October 01, 2020. Ojemudia was called for pass interference on the play. (Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)”n”n

Overall, a very good performance for a player that was drafted in the third round. He gave Denver depth at a position that they are really hurting in and will be an even bigger factor next year.

McTelvin Algim- Round 3, pick 95

McTelvin Algim didn’t play much his rookie year. He only played in 10 games without starting. In his 10 games, he had a total of eight tackles, with two of them being solo. He also had one pass defended. Overall it is a small sample size to try to digest for Algim. Denver was struggling at DT this year and with Jurrell Casey out for the season, that should have opened the door for a third-rounder.

Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Round 4

Albert Okwuegbunam- Round 4, pick 118

Albert Okwuegbunam became one of Drew Locks‘ favorite targets last season. It probably helps that they both came from Missouri but you can see that they already had chemistry.

Noah Fant had some injuries as well which should have set up Okwuegbunam for success. The only problem was that he also couldn’t stay on the field. He played only four games which he had 15 targets with 11 receptions for 121 yards and one touchdown. Okwuegbunam seems like he has great potential. He is a quick TE like Fant and already has chemistry with Lock. If he can stay on the field next year this will be a steal for the Broncos.

Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Round 5

Justin Strnad- Round 5, pick 178

Justin Strnad did not play his rookie year. He fits in well with the shallow depth. The Broncos may go with a higher pick at this position in 2021 but a fifth-round filler isn’t a bad pick.

Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Round 6

Netane Muti- Round 6, pick 181

The one good thing about Netane Muti is that he can play on both sides of the ball. He played as a DT and an OT in college. For the Broncos, they have him as an OT but he has a tackle in 4 games. With the Broncos being shallow at both positions it is a good pick since they can put him in either position.

Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Round 7

Tyrie Cleveland- Round 7, pick 252

Tyrie Cleveland was a player that I didn’t think would make much of an impact this year. He was pretty quiet until week 17 against the Raiders. Cleveland went four catches on five targets with 45 yards. He also had his longest reception for 17 yards that game too. He also did a good job with some returns this year as well.

This was a good pick for the Broncos. You wouldn’t expect much from a round-seven WR but Cleveland shows that he has hands and can be reliable as a backup if someone does get hurt.

Derrek Tuszka- Round 7, pick 254

One of the surprises of the draft is Derrek Tuszka. Picked in the last round you wouldn’t expect much from the North Dakota State alum. Tuszka actually pulled a good rookie season, he had six total tackles with four being solo. He also played in nine games. It’s nice to get production out of your late-round picks and that is exactly what Tuszka does for Denver. I feel like he is a good pick for depth and Denver stole this pick.

Broncos 2020 NFL Draft Review: Overall

The Broncos did well in the 2020 draft. They picked up guys in the later rounds that helped the team and gave some value. The 2020 season was a disaster because of injuries. Next year if Denver has a healthy lineup, expect to see a lot of these guys make an impact and turn the team around in 2021.

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Broncos 2020 nfl draft review
INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 27: Jerry Jeudy #10 of the Denver Broncos tries to run past Casey Hayward #26 of the Los Angeles Chargers during the second quarter at SoFi Stadium on December 27, 2020, in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

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