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Real Madrid: Hazard’s Injury Crisis

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When Belgian superstar Eden Hazard joined Real Madrid, the Spanish soccer giant expected a return to its recent days of glory, especially on top-tier European competitions. However, his stint with “Los Merengues” has been plagued by injuries and other health issues, which was provoked serious concerns among fans, and, most importantly, originates questions about his acquisition in the first place.

Real Madrid: Hazard Is Broken, Again

To make matters worse, the player’s muscle fatigue detected yesterday has become a much more serious problem, an injury that can take four to six weeks off the pitch. That makes his chances of playing against Atalanta on the 24th, in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16, null. He will try to recover as soon as possible so he can return for the second leg of that showdown, on March 16.

As reported by the Spanish publication MARCA, yesterday, he couldn’t complete the training session after missing out the day before. According to the original medical report, that day he went through controls that detected only an increase in muscle fatigue, but he was tested for the second time, which confirmed the true state of the lesion.

A History Of Bad Luck

Hazard’s time in Real Madrid has been particularly difficult, especially these recent months. The forward was inactive for more than a month after the end of November when he suffered a muscle problem. It was the second of the season, he had already missed 27 days in the end of September. Between those two periods, he also had to battle against coronavirus, as he tested positive and stood home for over two weeks.

Of course, Hazard’s injury situation originated on November 24th, 2019, after fellow Belgian Thomas Meunier pulled a nasty sweep during a Madrid – PSG Champions League match. Ever since, the attacker has only played 35 out of 79 fixtures for the La Liga stalwarts.

Is Hazard A Bust?

Naturally, this has sparked a conversation amongst football experts and the Real Madrid fan community, where his contributions to the team are seriously questioned, with some arguing that he’s one of the organization’s most dissapointing signings ever.

In one and a half seasons, his stay with the team has been a total nightmare, distant from the dream of playing alongside compatriot Thibaut Courtois. Eden Hazard is now 30 years old, a time in which several of his peers peak, but current his physical fragility could cost not only his contract with Real Madrid, but also his legacy as a player.

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