Top Ten: NBA’s Best Dunkers

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This past weekend of Valentine’s Day is usually when the NBA’s best dunkers are showcased during their Dunk Contest during All-Star Weekend. Since the season’s start was pushed back, it is currently scheduled for early March. But that does not mean we can not show love to some of the NBA’s best dunkers!

Just Missed the List of NBA’s Best Dunkers

Pat Connaughton, Milwaukee Bucks

Do not underestimate the power that Connaughton can bring to the rim. He may be a tad undersized for the small forward position, but his insane vertical certainly makes him a honorable mention for the NBA’s best dunkers.

Dennis Smith Jr., Detroit Pistons

Dennis Smith Jr. may not have the sample size during his time in the NBA, but he certainly put on a show in the 2019 NBA Dunk Contest. Fans will see if DSJ can flourish and become a NBA level point guard, but we already know that he is one of the NBA’s best dunkers.

The Top Ten Dunkers

#10: John Collins, Atlanta Hawks

A bit of an underrated dunker and power forward in the NBA, Collins displays raw power and athleticism when he takes to the rim. His lone appearance in the dunk contest was a poor showing, but that does not take away from the fact that Collins is one of the best in-game dunkers in the NBA.

#9: Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz

Coming out of Louisville, Mitchell’s athleticism was a key feature of his game that many NBA scouts were excited about. Little did they know that the 2018 slam dunk champion would become the go-to scorer on one of the best teams in the NBA.

He may be a streaky shooter, but his speed and vertical allow him to get to the rim with ease. Donovan Mitchell might be one of the best young stars in the NBA, but do not let that take away from the fact that he is one of the best dunkers in the league.

#8: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks

One word comes to mind when talking about the Greek Freak, length. His absurd 7’3″ wingspan allows him to get to the rim easier than most. When he gets there, keep your eyes peeled because he is going to do something special.

#7: Zion Williamson, New Orleans Pelicans

Few players in NBA history came into the league with more excitement surrounding him, and with good reason. His combination of athleticism and strength make for highlight reel powerful jams. The sample size is limited, but from what fans have seen, the former Blue Devil is well deserving of the titles as one of the NBA’s best dunkers.

#6: Miles Bridges, Charlotte Hornets

Power. That is the word that comes to mind while watching the Michigan State product rock the rim. Whether it is a back scratching two handed power slam, or an insane one handed tomahawk jam, Bridges is must see TV out in Charlotte playing alongside LaMelo Ball. The duo call themselves AirBnB, and are one of the most exciting alley oop pairings since Lob City out in Los Angeles.

#5: Derrick Jones Jr., Portland Trail Blazers

An insane vertical along with a seven foot wingspan makes ‘Airplane Mode Jones’ one of the NBA’s best dunkers. His powerful in-game jams are special, but what makes him crack the top five is his special dunk contest performance in 2020. Always got to keep your eye on Derrick Jones Jr. when he is on the floor because a highlight reel play is most likely coming.

#4: Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies

The sample size may be small, but the 2020 rookie of the year fears no man when he gets into the paint. Morant wants to attack the rim and leave a poster while doing so. What is shocking about the young Grizzlies guard is that some of his missed dunk attempts are even better than some of his made. Ja Morant is a special talent at the point guard position, and with his insane vertical, he will be one of the NBA’s best dunkers for a long time.

#3: LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

No players on this list have the shear length of a highlight reel that LeBron James has. He may not have the flashiness, or any dunk contest titles, but what James does have is a career’s worth of insane in-game dunks. If you do not believe James is one of the NBA’s best dunkers of all-time, just ask Jason Terry...

#2: Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

Based off his dunk contest performances alone, Zach LaVine deserves a spot on the list. But even his in-game dunks have been special to watch, even in his time in Minnesota. Whether it is a 360 jam or a between the legs dunk, LaVine always wants to put on a show for the crowd which is why he is number two on the list of NBA’s best dunkers.

#1: Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic

Was there any question who number one and number two were? Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine put on a dunk contest for the ages. Now, who should have won, that is up for debate. Looking at Gordon in comparison to LaVine, his in-game dunks, his dunk over Tacko Fall, and of course the 360 windmill with the mascot all are spectacles to watch. No debate here, Gordon is the best dunker in the NBA.


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