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Carson Wentz Trade: 4 Bold Fantasy Implications for the Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have pulled the trigger on a Carson Wentz trade. The Indianapolis Colts receive the quarterback in exchange for a third-round pick in 2021 and a second-round pick in 2022 that could become a first. If Wentz plays 75% of the offensive snaps or 70% and the Colts make the playoffs, the Eagles will indeed have another first in 2022. Without delving into the real-life implications of the trade between the Colts and the Eagles, the impact of a Carson Wentz trade could be huge in fantasy football. 

Eagles Fantasy Implications After the Carson Wentz Trade

Jalen Hurts Fantasy Value

With Wentz now finding pastures new, Jalen Hurts is in line to be the new starter in 2021. In the small sample size we saw of Hurts he looked okay at best. He threw for 1,061 yards and managed six touchdown passes. He did have four interceptions to go with them though. Not a great touchdown to interception ratio to start your career. One big benefit to Hurts as a fantasy option is his dual-threat ability. In the four games he played, he racked up three rushing touchdowns and 354 yards. 

The dual-threat quarterback is taking over the league, in both real life and the fantasy world. Micheal Vick set the tone but was just a few years ahead of his time. When you see the impact that Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, and Patrick Mahomes are having in fantasy leagues it is clear to see the benefits to a quarterback who can use his legs. Thanks to the Carson Wentz trade, Hurts has a chance to join that prominent list.

In the final four weeks of the season, Jalen Hurts did enough to become the number nine quarterback in fantasy value. He managed this despite being pulled in Week 17. Still a strange decision. He completed only 52% of his passes but his ability as a runner kept him relevant. He averaged 68 rushing yards per game, which will come in handy if his passing doesn’t improve as much as it is expected to.

Between a small sample size, and the fact the Eagles will possibly bring in some competition for Hurts, makes him a QB2 at best for now. If he can play anything like any of the names mentioned above (all are top 10 fantasy quarterbacks) then he may move up to a QB1 during the 2021 season. Needless to say, the Carson Wentz trade will make Jalen Hurts vastly more appealing to fantasy owners, but still, he has a lot to learn.

Miles Sanders Fantasy Value

One thing that a rookie quarterback loves is a reliable running back. A running back is like a security blanket for a young quarterback. Having the faith to change a play to a run, or throw a quick out to someone out of the backfield is easier when you have someone you can trust. In the four games that Hurts and Miles Sanders played together, Sanders was the number seven back in terms of fantasy output.

A combination of Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders out of the backfield should massively benefit Sanders. The higher the threat of your quarterback running with the ball should equate to better running back play as well. Look at Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Since Jackson joined the league he has run all over, but his running backs have also reaped the benefits. Sanders will do the same in Philadelphia, making him another benefactor of the Carson Wentz trade.

Miles Sanders had his best season in the NFL to date this year. Granted, it was only his second season, but he showed a vast improvement on his first. With a struggling offensive line and poor quarterback play, he still managed 867 yards and six touchdowns. With a rookie quarterback running the offense he is going to get more opportunities. Good for Sanders, and his fantasy owners alike.

Dallas Goedert Fantasy Value

When Jalen Hurts took the field for the Philadelphia Eagles the production for the tight ends dipped. This can’t all be blamed on the quarterback, as Zach Ertz appeared to be the shell of the player he has been in previous years. Nonetheless, his numbers dropped. Ertz is more than likely on his way out, and that quite simply is the best possible outcome for Dallas Goedert.

Goedert is another player who has improved as his time in the NFL has continued. In 2020 he only played in eleven games but racked up over 500 yards and three scores. As Hurts grows into an NFL quarterback, having a valuable tight end is just as useful as a solid running back. Goedert’s fantasy value goes up with the Carson Wentz trade.

However, Goedert’s fantasy value lives and dies on what happens with Zach Ertz. If Ertz stays, then Goedert should ask for a trade as he will always be a number two in Philadelphia. A number two tight end rarely puts up big numbers in fantasy, if any. If Ertz does go, and it’s likely he will, then Goedert has a chance to become a productive piece in fantasy lineups.

Carson Wentz Trade
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – DECEMBER 22: Dallas Goedert #88 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the first quarter against the Dallas Cowboys in the game at Lincoln Financial Field on December 22, 2019, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

For example, look at what happened to Travis Kelce when Mahomes became the starter for the Kansas City Chiefs. His career boomed as he became a reliable option for the quarterback. If Goedert can get his head around a new offensive system and learn to work with Hurts, the awards could be fruitful. The Carson Wentz trade was step one, now he’ll need Ertz to leave to take that next step in his career.

Wide Receivers Fantasy Value

With DeSean Jackson out the door, and Alshon Jeffery likely right behind him, Jalen Reagor becomes the main man. Unfortunately for both Reagor and Hurts, this doesn’t bode well for fantasy output. Despite going in the first round, he failed to impress and fell behind the other receivers taken in the draft. He finished with just 31 catches, 396 yards, and only one touchdown. Not exactly high fantasy value. In fact, in PPR formats, he was the 92nd ranked wide receiver.

Even with Hurts in at QB, it doesn’t look likely for Reagor to improve much. His fantasy output is less about the quarterback at the helm and more about his individual play. If he can develop quickly and form a bond with Hurts, then he could gain WR2 value, but that is as high as it will go. Reagor’s value is more centralized on him, rather than the Carson Wentz trade.

Philadelphia holds the sixth pick in the upcoming draft and if they decide to roll with Jalen Hurts, then everyone’s fantasy output will go up if they draft a true number one receiver like Ja’Marr Chase or DeVonta Smith.

If Hurts has an elite receiver to throw to, his value goes up. If Reagor has a receiver lined up opposite him who will draw the majority of the attention, then he can work away in the number two role slowly picking up yards. For him, and whoever the receiver they bring in, has the chance to become the number one guy straight away.


Carson Wentz’s time was up in Philadelphia and he was hurting everyone’s value. Jalen Hurts brings with him a breath of fresh air and youthful energy that can spark life into an offense. More importantly, he can rack up the points in the fantasy world. With Hurts at the helm, Sanders can finish in the top ten running backs in fantasy football, while Goedert has the chance to perhaps be in the top 5 amongst tight ends. The Eagles were smart in pursuing this Carson Wentz trade.

The Carson Wentz trade means Reagor is destined to be a WR2 at best and may struggle to even get there. As for Jalen Hurts, if he can improve his accuracy, coupled with his ability on the ground, he may just break into the top 12 of quarterbacks.

Thanks for reading my article on the fantasy implications for the Eagles from the Carson Wentz trade.

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Carson Wentz Trade
PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 13: Jalen Hurts #2 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up as Carson Wentz #11 looks on prior to the game against the New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field on December 13, 2020, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Carson Wentz trade. Carson Wentz trade.Carson Wentz trade.

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