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Derrick Lewis Uppercut Freezes Curtis Blaydes at UFC Vegas 19

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The Derrick Lewis uppercut hit Curtis Blaydes like a stun-gun, freezing him in place and ending the fight a minute and twenty-six seconds into the second round.

Fight Breakdown and Reactions to the Derrick Lewis Uppercut

The first round was a close one, featuring lots of leg kicks from Curtis Blaydes and lots of heavy combos landed on both sides. Blaydes tried to take the fight to the ground but was unsuccessful.

The second round was more of the same. Until Curtis Blaydes shot in and the Derrick Lewis uppercut froze him in place. Let’s just be glad Blaydes is ok after a knockout like that! With this Derrick Lewis uppercut, The Black Beast ties Vitor Belfort for most KO’s in UFC history (12), in any division.

For more on this Derrick Lewis uppercut and the fight in general, here’s my colleague Danny Podolsky’s take!

Danny Podolsky’s Take

In the main event of UFC Vegas 19, Derrick Lewis pulled off the major upset by knocking out Curtis Blaydes in round two. Heading into the fight, Blaydes, who has the most takedowns in UFC heavyweight history, was expected to try and take Lewis down to the ground. The one-punch power of Lewis presented an intriguing matchup of wrestler against striker. 

Round One: There was not a whole ton of action in round one. Lewis was clearly anticipating Blaydes attempting a takedown, while Blaydes was concerned about Lewis’ power. While Lewis landed a big punch early, Blaydes likely won round one as he attacked Lewis’ front leg and outstruck him on the feet. 

Round Two: In round two, the power of Lewis would prevail. Blaydes, who failed to get the fight to the ground in the first round, attempted a quick takedown that was stuffed by the Black Beast. After a few more exchanges, Blaydes attempted a second takedown. Big mistake for Razor Blaydes. Anticipating the takedown, a Derrick Lewis uppercut met Blaydes and put him out cold. After a few hammer fists, Herb Dean stepped in and that was all she wrote. 

Instant Analysis: While his lead leg got attacked in round one, Lewis essentially fought the perfect fight against an elite wrestler in Curtis Blaydes. He anticipated takedowns, and met takedown attempts with heavy hands. When Blaydes got too close on the takedown, Lewis met him with the perfect strike that ended the fight. 

While Lewis should be in line for a title shot, Jon Jones will likely cut him in line. The Black Beast hinted that he would be interested in fighting Jones in his post fight interview, so it will be interesting to see what materializes in the Heavyweight division. 

Overall, this was one of the best wins of Lewis’ career as he knocked out Blaydes, who had only lost to Francis Ngannou in his previous UFC fights. Coming in as a +350 underdog, Lewis’ knockout marks the biggest underdog to win so far in 2021. Blaydes will have to go back to the drawing board from here and it will be interesting to see who he faces in his next fight. 

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