3 Players the Rockets Could Receive in an Eric Gordon Trade

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With the NBA Trade Deadline coming close, many teams are scrambling to make their season salvageable. The season so far has seen many surprises, both in-game results and in standings. No team has had a wilder ride than the Houston Rockets. That leads to the question would an Eric Gordon trade bring back valuable assets?

Coming off a second-round loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Rockets lost their General Manager, Head Coach, and two former MVP players. Now, the Rockets sit at the 13th seed in the Western Conference and have dealt with many injuries. With Victor Oladipo and Christian Wood out for an extended period, the Rockets may look to bottom out for the season.

However, there has been a consistent bright spot this season and it comes in the form of Eric Gordon. Gordon and PJ Tucker are the only remaining Rockets on the roster from the 2017-2018 team that nearly made the NBA Finals.

After arguably the worst season of his career, Gordon has now had a rejuvenation, averaging 18.7 ppg on 56.4% eFG. Gordon may be too good to keep for the Rockets, especially with the newly acquired Kevin Porter Jr looking to get minutes at the shooting guard position. As the Rockets entered a period of asset accumulation, here are three players the Rockets could get in an Eric Gordon trade.

Philadelphia 76ers

Eric Gordon offer: Eric Gordon for Danny Green and 2 2nd round picks

Eric Gordon scored 19 points in a loss to the 76ers on February 18th, 2021

Spoken about on my podcast this week, Eric Gordon has played himself into a tradable contract. Still guaranteed another $40m over the next two seasons, the Rockets may be looking to move away from paying the 32-year-old. The 76ers have a great opportunity this season to reach the NBA Finals and would benefit greatly from a bench scorer like Gordon. The Rockets would trade for Danny Green, as well as a package of 2nd round picks. By getting even more cap flexibility, the Rockets put themselves in a great position of having a lot of picks and little money on the books for the future, allowing them to transition past the Harden era easily.

Golden State Warriors

Eric Gordon trade offer: Kelly Oubre for Eric Gordon

With the NBA trade deadline nearing, the Warriors currently sit at the 8th seed in the West. With a need for a 3&D wing in the absence of Klay Thompson this season, the Warriors could likely look to a guy they know very well.

Gordon, who has played the Warriors plenty in his tenure as a Rocket, would fit next to Stephen Curry nicely. By moving Kelly Oubre, who has had a rather inefficient season, the Warriors would be able to acquire a guy who can play next to Curry, who is having an MVP caliber season, and behind Klay for the next few seasons. The Rockets, in turn, would acquire Oubre, who is 25 much like the rest of their young roster. Oubre could grow alongside Jae’Sean Tate and Christian Wood and gives the Rockets a Small Forward long-term.

Denver Nuggets

Eric Gordon trade offer: Will Barton for Eric Gordon

This trade may seem like a lateral trade but it can be a big positive for both teams. Denver is in need of more talent, especially after losing Jerami Grant to the Detroit Pistons. Meanwhile, the Rockets would love to unload Eric Gordon’s contract. With the Nuggets slipping in the Western Conference standings, swapping Will Barton for Gordon may be the best move. Gordon helps bolster the team’s defense and pairs nicely with Jamal Murray. Having played off of primary ball-handlers for the majority of his career in Houston, Gordon would be comfortable doing the same in Denver off of Murray and Nikola Jokic.

With the Rockets, they would acquire Will Barton, who is essentially a worse Eric Gordon to them. His contract is shorter and cheaper, which allows them to be more flexible down the line with contracts and free agents. Although Barton won’t change the team for better or worse, he allows the Rockets to free themselves of the team they were over.

As the NBA Trade Deadline approaches, there will be many deals that the Houston Rockets will look to make, but if Eric Gordon keeps playing how he does, expect his name to come up in NBA trade rumors this March. An Eric Gordon trade might be the best way for the Rockets to bring back young talent this year.

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