2021 MLB Season: Curious Things Happening At MLB Network

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As we approach the 2021 MLB season, many fans look increasingly to MLB Network for information on their favorite teams. This makes sense, as MLB Network is devoted strictly to baseball. Fans also have developed a rapport with the on-air personalities, which makes their baseball experience that much more enjoyable.

With that in mind and spring training getting underway, a fresh look at those on-air personalities would be helpful. Many fans have their personal favorites and especially look forward to watching their particular shows. So, for the network, hiring and firing hosts is something that should not be taken lightly.

For example, in a very controversial move, the network did not renew the contract of the popular Chris Rose, co-host of the equally popular Intentional Talk. The move was attributed to financial difficulties brought on by Covid-19. This may make some sense, but many still wonder why Rose was the one who got the ax.

If one takes the explanation on its face, Rose’s contract was not renewed due to financial considerations. Fair enough, the economy has been hit hard by the virus, and perhaps MLB Network felt the need to make cuts somewhere. Yet, rumors circulating around the internet seem to suggest that the network may have found a hidden pile of cash just lying around.

2021 MLB Season: The Network Looks Ahead

Multiple sources are reporting that MLB Network is in negotiations with Craig Carton to potentially host a morning show. You may or may not have heard the name before, but it is familiar to many on the east coast. He is infamous there, and the mention of his name is sure to inspire many different thoughts by sports fans around the country.

Who Is Craig Carton?

Carton is a former co-host of a sports talk show with former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason. He is also a co-host of an afternoon drive show on WFAN in New York City. So, he has some credibility in sports talk, at least in the New York area. Many have launched careers from the Big Apple, so he would be following in their footsteps. That sounds benign enough.

Craig Carton – The Back Story

So far, so good; but wait, there’s more! Craig Carton does have some sports background; that is indisputable, however, he is also a convicted criminal who served time in prison for bilking others out of more than five million dollars. He was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme, through reselling concert tickets. He concocted the scheme in order to pay off gambling debts. He served about a year of a three-and-a-half-year sentence. He was released in June of 2020. Sounds like a solid citizen, one whom fans are clamoring to see during the 2021 MLB season.

Craig Carton – A Sparkling Personality

Now, one would think that serving time in prison would humble a person. For many, that would be true; but not Craig Carton. Since the restart of his career, he has doubled down on taking cheap shots at others in the industry. For instance, he recently ESPN’s Jeff Passan a weasel when Passan dared to help break the story about former Mets GM Jared Porter. How dare Passan report about a man who sent harassing texts to several women? Who does he think he is?

On top of that, berating others has always been Carton’s calling card. He is not necessarily a fountain of wisdom and knowledge when it comes to baseball. However, he seems to have that brash, arrogant attitude that appeals to the masses in Gotham City. Does make one wonder, though, why MLB Network would want this type of person to host a show as the 2021 MLB season begins.

MLB Network: An Interesting Thought Process

Fans of Chris Rose and others have to be scratching their heads at the thought of such a personality as Carton working at MLB Network while Rose is not. Rose appealed to so many fans with his knowledge of the game as well as his rapport with co-host Kevin Millar. Yet, apparently, he has no appeal to the network while Carton does. Interesting to say the least.

Not to mention that there are other personalities who have done well at the network. Maybe it is time for one of them to host a show. Lauren Shehadi and Heidi Whatney have performed their jobs very well at the network, and have a wealth of baseball knowledge. Has either of them received consideration for the new spot? Or does the network prefer an arrogant, insulting man with less baseball knowledge to headline the show? This is definitely a head-scratcher.

The 2021 MLB season is a little over a month away. MLB Network is apparently looking to hire somebody who makes Chris Russo look warm and friendly. That is a tall task, for sure; yet Carton just may be the guy. Is this really a move that a network devoted totally to the game of baseball really wants to make? No Chris Rose, but foist this guy on baseball fans everywhere? Let’s hope that the network comes to its senses before making such a horrendous decision.

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