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10% of Fans Allowed At Prudential Center – Great Idea or Not?

It is nearing the first anniversary when the coronavirus affected the U.S, and then COVID shut the country down. It’s a year later, and fans are desperate to go to any hockey game again. It was just announced on Monday by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy that the Prudential Center can open its doors for fans to come in. However, only 10% of fans are allowed to attend games. While it’s a fantastic idea for some people, many other people decide to stay home instead of attending games. While it may not know the future of going to hockey games, it’s best to look over and see both sides and see why people choose those sides.

Why is it a Good Idea to Attend Games at the Prudential Center again?

The last New Jersey Devils game to be played in front of fans at the Prudential Center was a 5-2 loss against the Pittsburgh Penguins on March 10, 2020. Ever since that day, fans haven"t been able to attend any games. The idea of stepping into the Prudential Center again, going to grab your favorite food, and cheering on the Devils is a dream. Having fans taking part in many of those Devils traditions and chants is something all New Jersey fans want back.

With the Devils performing well with players like Ty Smith and Jack Hughes, this could be the chance that Devils fans have to go and watch this year"s team. With the vaccine finally being released to the public, it means that the country is attempting to reach some form of normality again. Many governors are opening parts of places in the northeast area, especially stadiums, to the public. If it all ends up working out, and there are more successful vaccines and even fewer cases, we could be seeing packed houses sometime soon.


Why Isn"t it a Good Idea to Attend Games at the Prudential Center?

While going to games again could be a lot of fun, there are many factors that people are seeing more and more that drive them away. For one thing, people are concerned about how accurate the vaccines may or may not be. If the vaccines aren"t as precise as people hope for, then going out to see a hockey game may not seem like a smart idea. Whether it"s hockey, baseball, etc., having fans when the pandemic reaches many cases in different countries is horrible for any arena or stadium.

It may be a small percentage of fans allowed in the arena, but that doesn"t mean there couldn"t be cases if the Prudential Center staff doesn"t prepare it properly. If more cases pop up due to fans being there, then there"s a chance the coronavirus"s death toll in the U.S will rise. Not only that, but many people will fear other stadiums and arenas opening up and imagining the same could happen to other cities.


Having 10% capacity at the Prudential Center may feel like a small number, but it"s a fair number for the U.S. and cities to have. If it ends up working, we could see fans in more arenas in not just the NHL. If it doesn"t end up working, that means the country is still having problems handling people going to events like games. But what do you think, would you see a Devils game at the Prudential Center now, or would you rather stay home and wait till it"s safer? Let me you what you think about it on my Twitter account, which I"ll post at the end of this article.

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