2021 MLB Trade Target: Adam Frazier

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Adam Frazier often goes under-the-radar, both as a player and as an MLB trade target. That makes sense, considering that he plays for the Pirates, who don’t garner much national attention.

Frazier isn’t a star player, but he is an average second baseman who could be a great utility option for many teams. He can’t play shortstop, which hurts his value slightly, but he has experience at both second and in the outfield. There are still a few contenders that could use a depth piece like Frazier, who plays great defense, despite a slightly below-average bat.

MLB Trade Target Adam Frazier: The Numbers

Frazier’s stand-out quality (and the reason he’s a proficient 2021 MLB trade target) is his defense, as he has accumulated 21 OAA at second base since 2018, having played 1,916 innings.

He also has 7 DRS and 6.1 UZR in his time as a second baseman and 10 DRS, 0.7 UZR, and 1 OAA in his 812.1 innings as an outfielder. Of course, Frazier wouldn’t be a starter on most teams, but he’s a top-15 starting second-bagger and could play a role on a contender, especially since he’s also an average hitter. In his past three years, he has a 100 wRC+, 4.7 WAR, and has underperformed his xwOBA each year.

In his career, Frazier has a .273 batting average, .336 on-base percentage, and .413 slugging percentage, while accumulating 6.3 WAR over five seasons. He is only making $4.3 million dollars next year, which is a very tradable contract, especially if contenders are looking at him as an MLB trade target. At 29-years-old, Frazier had a down year in 2020, but his second half of the season was much better than his first half.

MLB Trade Target: Why Should the Pirates Move on From Frazier?

The Pirates are continuing their rebuild, and have already moved on from many pieces from their rosters over the past few seasons. This offseason, they traded Josh Bell to Washington for Wil Crowe and Eddy Yean. Jameson Taillon went to New York for Miguel Yajure, Roasney Contreras, Maikol Escotto, and Canaan Smith, while Joe Musgrove moved to San Diego for Hudson Head, David Bednar, Drake Fellows, Omar Cruz, and Endy Rodriguez. All these moves significantly improved their farm, as did trading Starling Marte to the Diamondbacks for Brennan Malone and Liover Peguero.

Although Frazier has gone under the radar as an MLB trade target, he could also net the Pirates a young prospect or two, even if they are just toolsy 17 or 18-year-olds. Frazier, Bryan Reynolds, Jacob Stallings, Colin Moran, and Richard Rodriguez all have some trade value, but Frazier has three years of controllability and has been fairly consistent throughout his career.

It may have been easier to trade him earlier in the offseason before players like Jonathan Schoop, Cesar Hernandez, Jurickson Profar, and Tommy La Stella signed with their teams, but the Pirates should still try to move him before the offseason is over.

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