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UWC 25 On UFC Fight Pass

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This Friday on UFC Fight Pass is an Ultimate Warrior Challenge event named UWC 25. This event will be going down in Mexico. The UWC is newly added to Fight Pass and the bantamweight title will be on the line in the main event.

These small cards that are available on the UFC app are very entertaining even though they are not talked about very often. Join us as we do a quick review of a couple of fights on the main card!

UWC 25 Main Event: Champion Christian Quinonez vs Dony Matos

Christian Quinonez is ranked #2 of 139 active bantamweight fighters in Latin America per Tapology. Since 2018, “El Taylon” has been 4-1 with two finishes. The challenger Dony Matos is 22nd on the list and on a six-fight winning streak. Together they have 44 total fights with 21 of their wins ending in finishes. Don’t be surprised if this fight does not go the distance.

UWC 25 Co-Main Event: Victor de Paula vs Jesus Navarrete

This match-up has two fighters early in their careers. Brazilian Victor de Paula (4-1) is coming off of his first loss and is ranked pretty low in the Brazil light heavyweight list. However, Victor is also a past light heavyweight champion with a promotion named Thunder Fight. His opponent, Jesus Navarrete, is undefeated through six fights. All of his wins have been by knockout, and he has three fights under the UWC promotion in 2020.

Reasons To Watch UWC 25

When watching small cards on UFC Fight Pass like UWC 25, most fighters are new to the audience. Look at it as being a recruiter for the Yankees in 1950. These fighters are trying to make a name for themselves and are willing to take some risk.

Along with the new fighters making their debut, you also get to see guys with crazy records. Like another fight on the main card has Soslenis Carvalho with a 10-11 record. Meaning these guys are not in it just for the money. UFC Fight Pass has cards like these just about every week. No more complaining there is nothing to watch for two weeks!

Which UWC 25 fight are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out the event on UFC Fight Pass at 8 pm Eastern Time!

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Featured Image Credits to the UWC Instagram page.

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