2021 Colorado Rockies: Shocking the MLB

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In an interview with 2021 Colorado Rockies pitcher, Kyle Freeland talked about the Nolan Arenado trade, he added how 2021 will be a good year for Colorado Baseball. He isn’t worried about everything and said that the team will enjoy being underdogs. Is he correct? Can the 2021 Colorado Rockies shock MLB in 2021?

It’s Day 1 of pitchers and catchers and people are already counting us out. That’s kind of a position I like to be in. Being an underdog means being someone that the general public doesn’t think is going to perform at all so I think, as a whole team, we’re using that as a chip on our shoulder to push us to shock the world and prove the doubters wrong.”

2021 Colorado Rockies: Why They Can Shock the MLB

The Rockies are huge underdogs going into the 2021 season. The odds for them to win the World Series is the worst with +1000. With that being said, the 2021 Colorado Rockies could shock the MLB. Just like Freeland said, they are playing with a chip on their shoulder and that could help put a spark in this team. Also, Arenado did not have a good offensive year in 2020. He hit for .253 with a 4.34 SLG and .738 OPS. He also had 8 home runs, 26 RBIs, and a WAR of 1.6.

Of course, he is projected to get back on track in 2021 but 2020 was a bad year. If Josh Fuentes stays as hot as he did last year and they can organize this team after losing Arenado, and David Dahl they have a chance. They got another starting pitcher which is always a problem with Colorado. This can be a fresh start for this team and really turn some heads.

Why They Can’t

The Colorado Rockies have had a hard time in 2020 to win games. Even with Arenado not having his best year, it wasn’t all his fault. When you take out one of the best defensive 3B in the whole league, that automatically makes your team worse. Even when he has a bad day, his defense is always on point.

The Rockies didn’t just lose Arenado, they also lost David Dahl. That is two All-Stars out of the three a couple of years ago. He had some injuries and is hard to stay on the field, but when he does he an amazing player. Fast, with a great bat, Dahl would be someone that they could have signed for another year to make sure they want to lose him. Instead, they let him walk and sign a small contract with the Rangers when he could have stayed in Colorado. The Rockies would be much better with him in their outfield and it was another mistake by the front office.

The other thing to think about is that the Rockies also had DJ LeMahieu with Trevor Story and Arenado all in their infield. With that amazing lineup, they still didn’t even make it to the NLCS. With an infield like that, they will not shock anyone with who they have now. It is a sad reality, but if the Rockies are serious about the future, they need to sell the whole team and focus on the far future instead of just having average baseball play for the future.

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