2021 NFL Free Agency: 3 Offensive Linemen the Seahawks Should Sign

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With Russell Wilson’s name hitting the rumor mill on Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks will be doing whatever they can to resolve Wilson’s issue. Seahawks fans have been sleepless in Seattle since the news broke of Wilson’s frustrations, however, it’s not likely he leaves the team this offseason. This will be important for the Seahawks 2021 NFL free agency. 

A large part of Wilson’s frustrations stems from the lack of protection through the years. In 2020 alone, the Seahawks offensive line gave up 48 sacks, putting them in the bottom three in the league. The O-line is rather young, but they haven’t figured it out quick enough to make Wilson feel comfortable. 

To mend the relationship, Seattle should be focusing on acquiring protection for their star quarterback. Additionally, trading Wilson doesn’t make any sense as it puts the franchise into an unnecessary rebuilding situation. Pete Carroll is also in his early 70s, so he’s not looking to be apart of a rebuilding process anytime soon. 

With that said, three free-agent offensive linemen stick out as possible candidates for the Seattle Seahawks. It’s possible this franchise drafts a rookie or two, but considering they need to protect Wilson now, they should consider signing someone during the 2021 NFL free agency. 

2021 NFL Free Agency: Top 3 Offensive Linemen the Seahawks Should Sign

Cameron Erving

Cameron Erving tops the list of potential offensive linemen the Seahawks should sign during the 2021 NFL free agency. He’s a big-bodied tackle that’s been a force in the league since 2016. However, during last season he only played in six games due to injuries that sidelined him for most of the year. 

With Seattle’s O-line nearly in complete turmoil, the front office should be aiming for potentially cheap options during the 2021 NFL free agency. With Erving’s injury costing him major playing time, and the Dallas Cowboys looking for improvements of their own, Seattle could be acquiring a solid tackle to protect Russell Wilson. 

Look for the Seahawks to make an offer if Erving is available in the 2021 NFL free agency. He has the potential to be a cheap signing with a huge payoff.

Elijah Wilkinson

Next on the list is the Denver Broncos tackle, Elijah Wilkinson. This is another lineman who missed time due to injuries, as Wilkinson only played in nine games. The key difference between Wilkinson and Erving though is their ages. Wilkinson is only 25 years old, which means he could give the Seahawks a bit more longevity. 

He hasn’t performed at the highest level during his time in Denver though, which means he could be a nice cheap deal this franchise can snag in the 2021 NFL free agency period. For some players, finding a change of scenery is exactly what they need to right their career. The Seahawks should take a shot at Wilkinson if they have the opportunity to sign him during the 2021 NFL free agency. 

I like the chances of this front office signing Wilkinson to a deal. He has the potential to become a legitimate offensive lineman for the Seahawks for years.

Alejandro Villanueva

Easily being the best offensive linemen on this list, the Pittsburgh Steelers tackle, Alejandro Villanueva, hits the 2021 NFL free agency market this offseason. He’s been one of the better tackles in the league, playing in every game since 2016. 

With Villanueva being a bit on the older side (32 years old), the Steeler’s front office may elect to let him walk this offseason. If that’s the case, Seattle should jump on the opportunity to acquire him and protect Wilson. 

Additionally, Villanueva could be a fantastic tackle to protect Wilson for another two years while a young prospect develops behind him on the bench. This would be a fantastic signing for Seattle during the 2021 NFL free agency.

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