Predicting the 2022 Seattle Mariners Line-Up

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The 2022 Seattle Mariners season may be what fans have been clamoring for the last two decades.

While 2022 is still a full season away, Mariner fans have been speculating that 2022 stands to be the best time for Seattle to break their storied postseason drought. 

Before the 2022 Seattle Mariners line-up can happen, the 2021 season has to happen first. With that being said, a quick trip in the time machine will show what the postseason-bound Mariners will look like on opening day for the 2022 season.

2022 Seattle Mariners Line-Up Predictions

SP: Marco Gonzales

Gonzales has been the ace for Seattle for a few years now. Coming over to Seattle in the Tyler O’Neill trade with St. Louis, Gonzales has taken strides each year into improving his consistency on the mound and becoming the true ace. While the younger talent like Justus Sheffield and Justin Dunn are also making strong strides, Marco is taking his role as the ace seriously and improving his game.

1. J.P. Crawford SS

J.P. Crawford is still young and is showing a strong acumen for the game of baseball. After a strong 2020 where he won a golden glove for his ability, J.P. showed that he is the future for Seattle at shortstop. His bat still needs work, but the defense is exactly what Seattle needs going forward.

Crawford received a good amount of leadoff experience in the shortened 2020 season and there is little reason to believe that the same won’t be happening in 2021 and with the 2022 Seattle Mariner lineup.

2. Marcus Semien 2B

The big free-agent acquisition for Seattle in the 2021 off-season will be the current Toronto Blue Jay infielder Marcus Semien. Semien has made a name for himself as a strong all-around infielder that can help anchor a line-up with some extra pop of the bat and a good ability at getting on base.

Second base has been a problem for Seattle ever since Robinson Cano was traded and Dee Strange-Gordon was moved back to the outfield. Shed Long Jr. was expected to be the future at second base, but Seattle knows they need extra options there. For Semien, he will not just be the primary second baseman, but will be an infield utility man getting him as many games as possible but also utilizing his superb diversity as an infielder.

3. Jarred Kelenic LF

Kelenic has yet to play in the majors prior to the 2021 season, but that won’t stop the legend of Jarred Kelenic from coming true in Seattle. His hype right now is through the roof. Everything he has shown since being traded to Seattle, makes him look like the real deal.

While it is a long shot to say that Kelenic will start the 2020 season on the major league roster, he will be brought up sooner rather than later. As long as he performs to the expectations placed on him, there is no reason why for the 2022 Seattle Mariners, he wouldn’t be on the major league roster and even be the number three-hitter.

4. Kyle Lewis CF

After a 2020 season that voted Kyle as the unanimous A.L. Rookie of the Year, the ability that has been hidden in the Mariner farm system is no longer one of baseball’s best-kept secrets. Lewis showed why he is one of the big three outfielders for Settle, but that he may become one of baseball’s next big superstars with people making comparisons to Hall-of-Famer Ken Griffey Jr.

By 2022, Lewis very well may have cemented himself as a potential MVP candidate if he continues to progress as he did in 2020. The first full 162-game season will be very telling for Lewis’ long-term success.

5. Julio Rodriguez RF

Rodriguez holds a very controversial name in the Seattle Mariner organization. For Rodriguez, there is also a mountain of expectations. From what he has shown through the minors and the testimony from players and coaches, he has what it takes to be part of potentially one of the best outfields in baseball.

Like Kelenic, he doesn’t project to start the 2021 season on the major league roster but does expect to be called up sometime this year. His professionalism and ability project well onto the major league team and to complete the big three which will be batting in order for the 2022 Seattle Mariners.

6. Ty France DH

France made an immediate impact on the club since coming over to Seattle from San Diego in the trade for Austin Nola. It was the bat of France that really made him stand out as he immediately found success with Seattle.

Third base has been held down by Kyle Seager for many years in Seattle, and while France may not have the defensive ability of Kyle, his bat makes up for it. As his defense improves, France could become the next face of the “Hawt Corner”.

7. Kyle Seager 3B

The “Hawt Corner” will not be leaving the team after the 2021 season. Seager has been a mainstay in the Mariner clubhouse for years. Seager has more value to the Mariners as a leader and player than he would with any other ball club. For a club with a young core, they need a veteran leader like Kyle Seager.

While Seager is starting to get older, his ability to the team is what is most important. Even with age, his defense is still at a high level. He will split time at third with Ty France, but having him on the ballclub to lead the younger stars is a must for the 2022 Seattle Mariner playoff push.

8. Luis Torrens C

Another player coming over from San Diego in the trade that also brought Ty France, Torrens impressed as well in his abilities behind the dish especially in the absence of Tom Murphy for the 2020 season. Coming into 2021, Torrens will need to compete for his spot with both Tom Murphy and prospect Cal Raleigh.

With Raleigh needing more time in the minors, the starting job will be between Torrens and Murphy where Torrens takes the main spot and then Raleigh comes up to be the back up for the 2022 Seattle Mariners. Torrens is a decent defender now but showed great improvement in 2020. If that level of improvement can be achieved in 2021, the 2022 Seattle Mariners will have Torrens as their backstop.

9. Evan White 1B

2020 was a big year for the new Mariner first baseman. Evan got his first taste of major league baseball as the main starter and even won a gold glove in his rookie year. White seems to have started off his career on a high note, but there are concerns. When it comes to his offense, he seems to just have bad luck as he hits the ball hard, but just doesn’t come down for a hit.

First base belongs to Evan White for the foreseeable future after the extension he signed as a minor leaguer. As a first baseman with speed and gold glove defense, he has all the ingredients for success long-term. The question is if he can develop his offense.

Closer: Ken Giles

Ken Giles signed before the 2021 season knowing that he could not play until 2022. The Seattle bullpen had its fair share of problems in 2020 and looks to improve between now and 2022. Giles adds a veteran role to the bullpen as well as someone that can consistently be trusted to get the save.

Another name that will compete for the closer’s role is Andrés Muñoz. Muñoz is a young reliever that is getting compared to Edwin Diaz by having an electric fastball and breaking slider. While Giles will start 2022 as the closer, Muñoz will challenge for it before the season is over.

While trying to predict the 2022 Seattle Mariners line-up may seem a bit absurd, this is the year fans have been waiting for. As owners of the longest postseason drought in North American Sports, fans are waiting for when they can put that title to rest and start a fruitful playoff window that can also lead to Seattle no longer being the only team in Major League Baseball to never even play a World Series game.

The future is closer than it may appear, and the pieces for the playoff run are already starting to take shape. It will still take until 2022 to see the seeds grow fruit.

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  • Cecil Rhea says:

    As a HARDCORE Astros fan, thereby someone who pays close attention to all AL teams much less AL West teams. I would respectfully have to disagree on 1 small tiny part of the article. If all 3 of the big 3 OF “prospects” are in the everyday lineup in 2022, then I think there is no way Lewis stays at CF he is already below avg in CF defensively and a hair slow for CF. Kelenic would be above avg defensively in CF though with his plus speed, arm, & fielding ability, while a move to LF for Lewis would turn him from below avg defensively in CF to GG caliber defensively in LF. So I would swap Kelenic’s and Lewis’ defensive positioning and then I would 100% agree with the article besides maybe moving the assumed signed Semien back behind Rodriguez in the lineup batting 5th and move everyone up 1 spot with Kelenic 2nd, Lewis 3rd, etc, etc. Fun times and good rivalries ahead. Depending on how well the Astros can reload/re-tool (mainly pitching position players are all set mainly with Altuve, Bregman, Tucker, Alvarez all signed for the long haul [hopefully Correa joins that group asap as well] Lee as the future C, Leon as the future CF or RF. Brantley and Yuli still under contract for 2 years as well if needed. Valdez, Javier, Urquidy a good start to the rotation of the future. If Valdez can take the next step to bonafide ace lookimg good if not need to find our next Verlander. And maybe With Whitley….one day perhaps on the way . [Maybe resigning McCullers fornthe long haul makes 1 less spot tonfill] The bullpen has young arms for the future as well with Parades, Scrubb, Abreu, Taylor, James. Baez signed for 3 years. So overall still in good shape for the next 5 years or so really just need to find 1 or 2 top top arms for the rotation. Then 1 elite closer here in the next year or 2. And I could see Mariners VS Astros as the mid 20’s battle for AL West I think the Angels are forever 1 step away, the A’s wont spend quite enough to ever supplant the losses of fa, and the Rangers are still at least 3 years away from even thinking about what it woul be like to contend in a couple years lol. Go Stros! I look forward to memorable battles against the M’s in the near future

  • Jack Sundberg says:

    M’s fan here. Completely agree with your tweak and am looking forward to be in contention. Looking forward to exiting games.

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