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All Hail These Three Los Angeles Kings

All Hail These Three Los Angeles Kings is hell right. The Kings we are going to get into are all a big part of why they are one of the NHL Surprise teams thus far. Even after a rough weekend against the Minnesota Wild, the Kings are fifth in their division right outside the playoff race. They are only one point behind the star-studded Colorado Avalanche.

In a season where the trade deadline is fast approaching and the Kings are always looking to add more assets for the future; will all these guys be on the team by season"s end? Who knows, but the Kings have them now and that is all that matters. So now let us get to some praising or hailing we should say as we get into the three Kings that have helped the team impress thus far.

Kings ranked 3-1

The first LA King to be hailed as the number three biggest contributor thus far is veteran center Anze Kopitar. He might not be scoring goals in bunches like he used to but he is picking up assists like they are candy. The veteran star is still producing at a high pace with 23 points in only 20 games.

He is the assist king this year literally. He has the most assists with 19 on the team with Drew Doughty being second for the Kings with 12 assists. He has four goals to go with that to make up his points output. He is also still consistent on both ends of the ice coming in at a +4 thus far this season. Kopitar proves age is just a number and is still producing at a high pace adjusting his game to his age with the best of them. Kopitar hopefully retires as a King for life.

Second King to be Hailed

The second king to be Hailed is another key veteran from the Stanley Cup-winning teams. It is Kings forward Dustin Brown. Brown has now had back to back very solid years overall on both sides. In terms of goal output, this will now be three good years in a row. In the 2018-2019 season, Brown had 22 goals than last season in 2019-2020 he had 17 goals in a shortened season.

This season Brown has turned into a scoring machine for the Kings. He has 11 goals thus far this season in 20 games played. He also has six assists to go along with it for a total of 17 points. Brown being almost a point per game player at 36 is damn impressive. Keep up the scoring streak Dustin. Hope he is a career King as well, but with his play of late many top contenders could use an experienced player like him.

The All Hailed LA King

So who is the Don or the All Hailed King? Well, that would be the budding young stud goalie Cal Petersen. He has emerged as the future starter of the LA Kings as expected and predicted in a previous article. Petersen is going off this season and there are no signs of him turning back.

Petersen"s career overall has gotten off to a hot start. In 30 career games, he has a 2.55 goals-against average and a .925 save percentage. He has topped those numbers in 11 games this season thus far. Petersen this season has a 2.43 goals-against average and a .926 save percentage. He has clearly made a name for himself. Now in only 30 games, we cannot fully commit to him as the next Quick.

The Fact of the matter is though, Petersen looks very good and the future is bright. That is something we can confidently say already. He clearly deserves to be the number one hailed LA King.

Hail to the Kings Wrap-up

The LA Kings even after an off weekend against the Wild are off to a nice start. Captain Kopitar has been a huge part of it. Then the former captain Brown is hot as a firecracker as well. Then last but most surely not least Petersen makes the future in the net look oh so bright. Obviously, others are a big part of the Kings these are just the main three to hail. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

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