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Denver Broncos: Von Miller’s Future

Von Miller is coming off a season-ending injury and is turning 32 in March. He has had some offseason drama and his contract is up. The question is; does Denver re-sign him or save the money and let him walk? There were other players that stepped up in his absence in 2020. On the other hand, he could still provide some great leadership and still play at a competitive level. The other thing that the Broncos front office has to weigh is how much he is worth. At his age and with a season-ending injury, how much are you willing to pay for Miller?

Von Miller"s Future Is With the Denver Broncos

Miller was looking good getting through rehab last season and almost looked like he was coming back to play that year. He is getting up in age but still shows some potential and would be a good leader for this team. In 2019 he had 46 tackles, with 33 of them solo, and 10 of them for losses. He also had 20 quarterback hits. He played in 15 games that season.

Von Miller isn"t in his prime anymore. The thing that Miller does bring to Denver is leadership and a presence. He might not get as many sacks but with him and Bradley Chubb, that is a dangerous duo. This situation reminds me of when the Broncos had DeMarcus Ware and Miller in his prime, and they won Super Bowl 50.

Von Miller"s Future Is Not With the Denver Broncos

Denver has found their new pass rusher in Bradley Chubb. In the 2020 season, he had 42 tackles with 26 of them being solo. He also got 19 quarterback hits and 7.5 sacks. Chubb also got his first Pro Bowl selection in 2020 and looks better each year. The Broncos will have to make a decision on his fifth-year option this offseason but it will be surprising if they don"t take it.

The other defensive player that stepped up in 2020 was Malik Reed. Reed had 53 tackles with 34 of them being solo. He also had 17 quarterback hits with 8 sacks. Reed surprised a lot of people in 2020. I can see him only getting better and with him and Chubb on the outside, that is a great pass rush and you get to save money by not re-signing Miller.

What should the Denver Broncos Do?

Denver should sign Von Miller for a year or two if he is cheap. Miller wants to retire as a Bronco, and he is a good leader for this team. He had a season-ending injury in 2020, but almost came back. That is huge for his age and shows how determined he is to play again. Also, this is a good opportunity to help the young players be prepared for the future by keeping him on the roster. He can still play some and overall if the Broncos have the cap space they can spend some on one of the best players that ever came through the program.

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