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MLB Breaking News: Jon Lester to Undergo Thyroid Procedure

As spring training is underway for the major leaguers, we have some MLB breaking news. This off-season, the Washington Nationals acquired veteran starter Jon Lester off the free agency wire. The five-time All-Star was looking forward to a fresh start in the nations capital. That start will be delayed, as Lester will undergo surgery to remove the thyroid gland. 

The thyroid gland does many things for the human body. Some things include breathing, heart rate, and body temperature. And while it isn’t considered a major procedure to remove the gland itself, it can cause problems for anyone. Fatigue is oftentimes the common symptom for anyone dealing with a thyroid issue. Lester was reported feeling fatigued when participating in workouts with the team.

MLB Breaking News: The Procedure

Lester is now away from the team in Florida and on his way to New York where the surgery is set for Friday, according to team spokesmen. The surgery is not expected to keep Lester off the mound for long. Nationals manager, Dave Martinez, spoke on Jon and the willingness to go through with the procedure. 

Martinez told reporters "We want to get him taken care of now so it’s not a problem in the future." "If all goes well, he could be pitching again in about a week." Martinez goes on to say the team, including himself, knew about the thyroid and was waiting on tests to come back. The doctor then wanted the gland to go ahead and be removed.

MLB Breaking News: Returning to Florida

Living in a COVID filled world has its own protocols forced by the league. Lester, after finishing surgery, will have to undergo mandatory coronavirus intake screening before returning to West Palm, Florida. 

Lester has always been a consistent starter and his durability has been a plus for years. The veteran starter is "upbeat" about the procedure and is looking forward to returning to spring training to kick off the 2021.

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