Robert Williams Great Play: Is He the Center That Will Make the Boston Celtics a Contender in 2021?

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Before we get into the discussion of Robert Williams great play and if he’s the center that will make the Boston Celtics a contender this year, let’s set some things straight: Are the Celtics legit contenders right now? The answer is no; however, can the Celtics potentially become a contender by the trade deadline? I hope the answer is yes.

What moves are going to be made at the trade deadline though? I’m honestly not sure. But if one thing is for sure, if the situation is handled right, they already have the center that will make the Boston Celtics a contender.

In the Celtics’ slow start this year, there have been many different factors contributing to their now 18-17 record after winning their third straight game against the Los Angeles Clippers Tuesday night.

Although they have looked good in their last three games, there are still many things to improve on in order to be legit contenders come playoff time; however, that does not take away from their little three-game win streak they have put together.

Despite all the negatives this year, there have been a few positives. We already touched the negatives, let’s get into the positives, shall we? The first positive this year is the Celtics’ young star duo Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown both being named all-stars this year. In addition to that, Kemba Walker has also looked better in these last few games.

Hopefully, Cardiac Kemba will return to his old self. The positive we came here to talk about is the 27th pick in the 2018 draft. He goes by the name of Robert Williams III or “timelord” as most people call him. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you soon will. I strongly believe that timelord is the center that will make the Boston Celtics a contender.

Robert Williams dealt with many injuries up to this point in his career, but now he is looking better than ever. In last night’s action against the Clippers, Williams posted 13 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 blocks.

As Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown struggled to find their rhythm in a close second half, Williams stepped up. In fact, he was arguably the best player down the stretch for Boston. His ability to finish at the rim and block shots make Robert Williams such a valuable asset to the team and he could very well see his name in the starting lineup soon.

Robert Williams; why he is the center that will make the Boston Celtics a contender:

So what now? Sure he has had some good games but how does that make the Celtics a contender this year? The reasoning is the Celtics now have the ability to get that scorer they need. They have the ability to go get those bench pieces they are going to need down the stretch.

With Marcus Smart coming back soon, and the Celtics looking to make some moves at the deadline, we could very well see Boston get some scorers coming off the bench.

Potentially, they could trade for a small or power forward that can stretch the floor and be an efficient scorer. This would allow Smart to move to the bench when he comes back, and provide that much-needed energy spark.

Whichever way the Celtics decide how to utilize Robert Williams, a center like him could very well have a big impact on the team for numerous reasons. It will be interesting to see how Boston will decide to handle the situation going into the all-star break and the trade deadline approaching in late March.

If the Celtics can go into the all-star break on a four-game win streak, as they play the Raptors on Thursday, March 4, it will give the team a lot of hope going into the second half of the season.

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