Ryan Garcia: The Boy Who Cried Manny Pacquiao, er, Wolf

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I guess it wouldn’t be too mature if I were to start this one out with a huge “I told you so.”

But, what the heck? I told you so.

Ryan Garcia isn’t going to fight Manny Pacquiao, exhibition or no exhibition. KingRy vs. King Manny was never, ever going to happen. If it was once explored and thought about by one or both sides, it was never, ever going to get beyond the “explored” and “thought about” stage.

“To all my fans and supporters, my fight with Manny Pacquiao is not happening right now,” Garcia said via social media on Monday, officially removing himself from a self-created spider web of rumors. “I tried my best after getting the call to fight him but [it] didn’t happen because of some issues I didn’t expect to come up but I’m already working on the next fight. I will always see Manny as an inspiration and someone who is a legend and that I respect. I wish the best for him in life and boxing.”

Garcia vs. Pacquiao may have been a fun story to drag around on social media and on boxing websites for some cheap traffic generation, but it just didn’t make a whole lot of sense unless Garcia’s promoter, Golden Boy, had some sort of weird fixation on cashing out on the their 22-year-old fighter. Garcia would’ve been brutalized with relative ease.

As a matter of fact, Golden Boy had nixed the idea of their wunderkind vs. the Filipino icon, almost from the very beginning.

“There’s nothing to talk about there,” Golden Boy President Eric Gomez told ESPN as the fight rumors first started circulating. “They contacted us, but it turns out there’s nothing to talk about. That fight isn’t going to happen.”

But now, as this has played out as many savvy boxing observers expected, “KingRy” is left with some considerable egg on his face. Coming off a self-started “I’m fighting Gervonta Davis” rumor just a few weeks earlier that obviously didn’t pan out, this fizzled-out Pacquiao fight makes him look like the boxing boy who cried wolf.

There’s been some effort to save face from Garcia. He’s been floating out little tidbits about it being Pacquiao’s decision to no longer pursue the bout and that he doesn’t quite know why he made that choice.

“Manny came to offer me the fight,” he told a TMZ street reporter. “I would love to fight Manny Pacquiao, but that’s on him, that’s on him.”

He’s also doubling back and insisting that the fight he REALLY wants– the fight he’s wanted all along– is the one against Gervonta Davis.

“I want Gervonta Davis. I wanted it before the Pacquiao fight,” Garcia recently told DAZN’s Beyond The Bell.

“I say his name any chance I get. I’m going to keep saying it, whether people want it or not. That’s what I’m going to be shooting for. If it doesn’t happen, it’s always going to be the other side. Because I say yes. I made the Luke Campbell fight. Yes, yes, yes. I’m in it to get all the greatness I can out of my career.”

Whatever the case, Ryan Garcia-Manny Pacquiao isn’t happening. Ryan Garcia-Gervonta Davis probably isn’t happening either, at least not anytime soon. But Garcia telling the world that they ARE happening makes him look bad. More importantly, it makes fans doubt his honesty and all-around seriousness in giving them the fights they want to see.

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  • Mark Anthony Ramos says:

    Garcia has a power but no foot work at all.
    He will be a standing target for our filipino pride.. don’t aim for this one dude.. never ever again..

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