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Phillip Lindsay: A Huge Decision for the Denver Broncos

The undrafted free agent Phillip Lindsay is due for a new contract. The Denver Broncos signed Melvin Gordon last season for two years but does that mean they should keep Lindsay? Lindsay is a good back, however, Denver could choose to ride the Gordon train while getting a new back in the NFL Draft. Developing a more receiving RB to fit Pat Shurmur’s offense could be a better route to go.

Phillip Lindsay’s Offseason Outlook

Why Denver Should Re-Sign Phillip Lindsay

The reason why Denver should re-sign Lindsay is because of what he’s done as an undrafted free agent. For his first three years of his career, Lindsay totaled 2,550 yards. He reached over 1,000 yards in two of his first three seasons. He also has 106 rushing TDs, and most impressively, Phillip Lindsay has never fumbled the football during his time in the NFL.

The other reason why Denver should re-sign Lindsay is that he fits their scheme. In an interview, Lindsay talked about how he wasn’t a between-the-tackles running back. That isn’t Denver’s philosophy anymore. They want backs that can catch the ball and make moves in the open space. If he can improve his receiving, he will become an ideal back for the Broncos.

With a back that doesn’t turn the ball over at all is special. Lindsay is a special back that shows when he gets into open space he is hard to take down. He could work on his receiving and he is injury prone, Phillip Lindsay is a running back the Broncos can rely on.

Why Denver Shouldn’t Re-Sign Phillip Lindsay

On the other side of the argument, Denver should let Phillip Lindsay walk and look at other options. The first reason is that he isn’t a receiving back. In Pat Shurmur’s offense, there needs to be an RB that can catch the ball out of the backfield. That is why they signed Gordon, a back that is known for catching the ball out of the backfield.

In his first three years in the league, Lindsay only has 465 yards with 77 receptions and only one touchdown. His receptions per game average in those three years is also 1.8 with 11.1 yards per game.

The other problem is that he gets hurt quite often. Throughout his career, Lindsay has only played a full season once. Although Lindsay has missed crucial playing time in Denber, he still shows toughness, however, he also scares a lot of Broncos fans when he’s on the field.

Best Decision for the Broncos

The first thing that Denver should do is sign Justin Simmons. The Pro Bowler is one of the best safeties in the league and should be priority number one. After Simmons, then the team can focus on signing Lindsey or Shelby Harris.

I feel like with the zero fumbles and being a homegrown kid, Denver should follow through and sign Lindsay to a new contract. He is working on his receiving, and his injury history isn’t something to ignore, however, Lindsay’s hard work and dedication are what this offense needs to succeed next year. He is a great back and one that wants to stay in Denver. With him back this team looks a lot better if they can get some solid quarterback play.

The Broncos can still select a running back from the draft in 2021 to have on their roster. It might be a smart decision to develop a young back until Gordon is done with his contract in a year. Then you can have a good starting running back in Lindsay with a back you want to develop from the draft. That would be the best option for the Broncos.

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Phillip Lindsay
DENVER, CO – DECEMBER 15: Phillip Lindsay (30) of the Denver Broncos is introduced to the game against the Cleveland Browns. The Denver Broncos hosted the Cleveland Browns at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, December 15, 2018. (Photo by Aaron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)

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