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Dan Hardy Fired by the UFC, He Confirms

Sad news today for MMA fans! As situations regarding advocating for the sport and a potential altercation with a female UFC staff member on Fight Island has gotten former welterweight UFC title challenger Dan Hardy fired from not only the UFC but BT Sport as well. Though Hardy does dispute the severity of the incident.

First reported by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of his newsletter, this is a direct photo from that source:

Dan Hardy Fired, He Responds

Hardy was a color commentator for the UFC and a media analyst for BT Sport. A fan favorite due to his advocation for fighter health/safety and eloquent breakdowns of the game, he ran into trouble at UFC on ESPN 14 when his advocation went too far.

It was the Francisco Trinaldo vs Jai Herbert fight and after a vicious punch from Trinaldo froze Herbert, Herb Dean needed to see two more punches to stop the fight. Outraged at the late-stoppage, Hardy screamed “stop the fight!”

This led to a confrontation with Dean after the scrap, and this now infamous clip:

As far as his job situation, this was Hardy’s first big strike. Dana White went on to say in the post-fight press conference that if anyone working for him did something like that again, they would be fired. Now, the report from the Wrestling Observer has surfaced, and it seems like another confrontation with UFC staff has got Hardy fired. Here are his responses to the situation:

So, Hardy says himself: “I am no longer working directly with the UFC… I’d love some answers but can’t get any.”

He also is throwing a lot of doubt on the whole “altercation with a female staff member” aspect of the situation, but it seems like something got Hardy fired. Stay tuned for further developments, and be sure to check out Dan Hardy’s YouTube Channel if you’d like to see the man as it appears we will no longer be graced with his presence on UFC broadcasts in the future.

Story Development: Dan Hardy releases official statement!

What’s your take on the speculation regarding the events that got Hardy fired by the UFC? Should they have kept him on board? Or did he advocate too much for fighter health/safety? Leave your take and opinions down in the comments!

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