2021 Washington Nationals: Turner, Soto Extensions on Horizon

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The nation’s capital doesn’t disappoint when it comes to talent. As highlighted by the 2021 Washington Nationals, DC is booming with talent in both veteran and young form. Perhaps the most well-known players the team has on its roster are shortstop Trea Turner and the young Juan Soto. 

Turner and Soto are interested in staying with the 2019 champs for the years to come. Both have made it clear that it would be appealing to them and they are welcoming extension talks. GM Mike Rizzo has said that both Turner and Soto will be offered extensions, “in the near future.” 

This is great news from the somewhat cheap Rizzo and the 2021 Washington Nationals front office. The team lost its talented third baseman Anthony Rendon via free agency to the Los Angeles Angels. Rendon was a driving force alongside the starting rotation when the Nats claimed the chip in 2019. Washington is looking for better favor when discussing extensions in the future.

2021 Washington Nationals: Follow in the Footsteps

The MLB world recently witnessed the massive 14-year, $340 million dollar deal signed between Fernando Tatis Jr and the Padres. The deal comes across as a bit shocking considering the young shortstop hasn’t played a full season in the big leagues, excluding the 60-game 2020 season, however, here is where the Padres believed they really won. 

Locking Tatis Jr up now before he is an eligible free agent, not only shows the Padres’ confidence in the player but prevents the price from going up. Think about it, if Tatis continues on this historic rise at his young age of 22, the price would have certainly increased when he hits the free-agent market. 

Getting the deal done now sets the tone that this is “our guy,” and nobody is taking him off our field. The Nationals currently have control over the only other player that could potentially relate to the massive contract signing of Tatis Jr; Juan Soto.

The concept of Soto and a massive deal are very real and on the horizon. Mike Rizzo and the Nationals have been shown the way. Time will tell whether they follow in the footsteps of the Padres.

2021 Washington Nationals: The Time Frame for the Extensions

Trea Turner and the Nationals have had discussions about his future in DC before, and the speedy Turner hopes they continue. The NC State shortstop is eligible for one more year of arbitration before becoming a free agent in 2023. Turner, believe it or not, is most likely the priority at the moment, considering his time frame before he hits the market. 

Soto is becoming a perennial All-Star candidate and is one of the best hitters in the game at the age of 22. The numbers don’t tell the full story of what he means to the city of DC. He is not only the future of this team but a big part of the league. Soto won’t hit the free-agent market until 2025, and should he continue his rise to superstardom, some team will be willing to write him a massive check. 

The Nationals are eager to keep both Soto and Turner in Washington for the future. It only makes sense to seal the deal now, rather than later. Just like with Tatis Jr, Soto is primed to continue his rise to becoming one of the top players in the world. The price will only go up from here with Soto, and quite possibly for Turner as well. Signing the check now may be saving the team some money, even though it is still early. 

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