Pacers All-Star Sunday Night: 2021 in Atlanta

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Pacers All-Star Domantas Sabonis in the Skills Challenge

Pacers All-Star Domantas Sabonis is tied for 2nd in the NBA with 25 double-doubles. He has continued to improve every year since coming to the NBA so no surprise that he was in this year’s skill challenge. Even with the improvements, Kenny Smith picked Julius Randle to beat Sabonis in the 1st round. Sabonis was on fire tonight completing his first pass, dunk, and 3-pointer!

Domantas Sabonis advance to face Luka Doncic, who had a bye. Kenny Smith picked against Sabonis for this round as well. Sabonis completed the first pass, first dunk, and first three…again. Sabonis advance to the finals to take on Nikola Vucevic. Battle of the big men for the finals. Sabonis completes the first pass, his first layup this time, and the fourth 3-pointer to take home the victory!

For, the bettors at home. This was a steal as Sabonis was +550 to win.

3 Point Contest up Next

Former Pacers All-Star Reggie Miller joins the broadcast to announce the 3-point competition. No Pacers involved, so I am just worried about my bet for the night. Steph Curry +110.

One of the best shooters of all-time in this field was a must-take. Boston’s All-Star’s start the contest with Jaylen Brown getting 17 and Jayson Tatum getting hot to get 25. Chicago’s Zach Lavine starts with his Moneyball rack, and hits 3 of 5, and ends with 22. Indiana native, Michael Conley who attended Lawrence North, avoided elimination and took the high score of 26. Donavon Mitchell gets 22. Stephen Curry with 31!

Curry, Conley, and Tatum advance to the Finals. Reggie calls the start of the next round as Tatum gets 17. Michael Conley with an impressive 27, but Curry steps up and hits a Moneyball at the buzzer! #Cash

NBA All Star Game 1st Half

Kyrie Irving hits 1st basket, for the bettors at home. Team Lebron was up 40-39. Still no Sabonis but he would get time in the second quarter

Sabonis started the second quarter with a dunk at the 8:01 mark. Team Lebron won the second quarter 60-41. Chris Paul had a beautiful lob to Stephen Curry and Curry returns the favor and lobs to Paul. Damian Lillard pulled up from half-court and then Curry with his own mid-court shot soon after. For, those wondering why they are scoring by quarters. Elam scoring is the new way the All-Star game is scored now.

Slam Dunk Contest

Pacers second round pick Cassius Stanley starts the dunk contest with a bounce and catch between the legs throwdown. In college was measured to have a higher vertical than Zion Williamson at Duke. Gets a 44 on the score to start the night. Obi Toppin with a 48 on a lesser dunk. Unbelievable. Anfernee Simons showing something new, but only getting a 46.

In round two Cassius Stanley a couple of mess-ups and a nice dunk but nothing new and only gets a 37. Anfernee Simons pulls out the throwback Tracy McGrady jersey and gets a 49. Obi Toppin brings out Julius Randle and his dad Obi Toppin Sr. Jumps over both with his hand on Randle’s shoulder. Judges give it a 46.

The final round starts with Obi Toppin. A running between the legs dunk. Anfernee Simons with the blow of the kiss dunk. Anfernee Simons is your 2021 Slam Dunk Champion by a score of 3-2.

NBA All Star Game 2nd Half

Giannis Antetokounmpo was an absurd 11-11 in the 1st half. His hot streak continues as he is now 16-16 off a banked in 3. Team Lebron win the 3rd quarter 46-45 without Lebron and Sabonis.

To start the fourth quarter they took the accumulative score and then added 24 points. The fourth quarter to start is 146-125 and they will play to 170. Pacers All-Star Domantas Sabonis will start the 4th quarter. He is not the typical flashy All-Star type player, but he is a typical Pacer as I previously wrote, for last year’s appearance.

A rebound and an assist for Sabonis as he hits Jaylen Brown for a 4 point play.

The game ended on a deep 3-pointer from Damian Lillard. Team Lebron wins 170-150 ending here in Atlanta. Giannis Antetokounmpo scores 35 points and an NBA All-Star record 16-16 from the field.

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